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Vintage scopes are just as varied and unique as scopes are nowadays - including the mounting solutions. To try to simplify these scopes and show the compatibility of parts, I've divided this Post into four sections: Tubes, Blocks, Front Rings, Rear Rings. The section on Front Rings will also include information on recoil sliding.
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In 1968, the 9th Infantry Division in the US Army officially began their Sniper Training and Employment. During the last two days of the course, recruits were to complete the qualification firing. 

We decided to try our own version of this ART qualification. To make things interesting, we put the M1000-PRO against our PentaLux TAC-VF 4-20X50 FFP scope. Additionally, we added a shot timer for induced stress. 

We are checking our DOPE out to 600 yards with the Winchester High Wall in .45-70 and our Malcolm 6X Two Tone Rifle Telescope. For those interested, we were shooting a 405 gr .45-70 caliber bullet at around 1330FPS.
Our goal for this test was to see if it was possible for the ART system to effectively compensate for trajectory even if we did not zero the scope at 200 yards.
The Frame Aim Shoot Technique maximizes the capabilities of the Leatherwood ART scopes, allowing you to compensate for bullet drop without needing to know the distance to the target, dial any clicks or use holdovers.

Want to mount a period correct long tube telescopic sight on your buffalo rifle?

Follow along with us as we mount the Malcolm 6X Long 30" Rifle Telescope on our Uberti Winchester 1885 High Wall in 45-70.

For those of you looking to mount a vintage period correct rifle telescope to your rifle, you're in luck!

Follow along with us as we mount the Malcolm 6X Two Tone Rifle Telescope on our Uberti Winchester 1885 High Wall in 45-70.

Adjusting the eyepiece diopter, rear mount, eye relief to setting parallax for the Malcolm 8X USMC - with a video!

Have you ever taken something apart and forgotten how to put it back together?

Well, we did one worse. We lost some parts in the process...

We were at the 2018 SHOT Show and we brought our Uberti Winchester 1885 High Wall as a display rifle. Due to show rules, we had to pull out the firing pin.

Fast forward 2 years, we've decided that we wanted to shoot this rifle again. Fortunately, we've found the exploded diagram for the Uberti High Wall.

Heavy Recoil? If you are shooting the Malcolm Short Rifle Telescopes on a big caliber such as 45-90 or 45-110, we would recommend using the sliding lock ring.

Jim Leatherwood developed the ART scopes during the 60's to solve the important problem of range estimation. In Automatic Mode, the ART scopes can range targets of known dimension and compensate for the bullet's trajectory in one action. But, what if you wanted to increase the magnification more than what was given by Automatic mode?

Follow along for a framing demonstration with the M1000-PRO from 200 to 600 yards at Angeles Shooting Range.