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Vintage Reproduction Telescopic Scopes

Good terrestrial telescopes were being built by the early 1700’s. These had all the optical quality that was necessary for a rifle telescope. However it would not be until the mid 1800s that rifles became sufficiently accurate to require a telescopic sight.

In 1855, William Malcolm started building riflescopes.  He understood that a riflescope must be properly constructed to hold zero. By the turn of the 20th Century, Malcolm had become the leading scope manufacturer in the U.S. The company continued in business until WWII, even though some new optical technologies, which would make these telescopic steel tube scopes obsolete.

As a tribute to William Malcolm, our modern Malcolm vintage reproduction scopes are constructed to same specs with the general look and feel of the original scopes. The only difference with our Malcolm Optics is the glass. To give modern performance to these old style scopes, we have utilized modern lens coatings and manufacturing practices.

Whether you are looking to compete in CMP Vintage Sniper competition or searching for that period correct scope to mount on grand dad's old hunting rifle, we've got you covered!