Your target may be far, but it looks quite a bit closer through clear glass.

Long Range Scopes

Reach out and touch something. These scopes exemplify what a rifle scope is meant to be - a useful device that makes a far-away target appear as if it's right nearby. With precision adjustments and informative reticles, hitting the bullseye will become a habit.

PR5 on a 6.5CM KRG
PR5 Scope


PR5 5-25X56MM

Built to reach out, the PR5 5-25X56 scope is a monster for the ELR field. If your target is a serious distance away, the PR5 brings it right up next to you. The scope’s crisp, highly transmissible ED glass makes full use of the 56mm objective’s brightness.

  • First Focal Plane TRACR reticle
  • Stainless Steel internals for legendary durability
  • 34MM tube and 56MM objective for high brightness
TA 7-30X


Top Angle 7-30X50MM

The needs of left handed shooters are neglected in today’s optical market. Typically, adjusting parallax forces left handed shooters to remove their dominant hand off the trigger to adjust the side parallax knob on the left. The TOP-ANGLE Series is our solution to this dilemma; by placing the parallax adjustment at a 45 degree angle from the vertical, left and right hand dominant shooters can ambidextrously adjust parallax using their off hand.

  • 70 MOA of adjustment in all directions
  • 1/4 MOA adjustments
PentaLux 4-20


PentaLux TAC-V 4-20X50MM

Here is a riflescope that's built to take on anything that Mother Nature can dish out. All PentaLux Scopes are Waterproof, Fogproof, Shockproof, and Recoilproof. The TAC-V rifle scope series is constructed with premium quality lenses, polished to photographic clarity. Fully multi-coated with our proprietary DiamondTuff14 technology, the lenses provide the sharpest and brightest sight picture possible.

  • 30MM tube, 50MM objective
  • Second focal plane etched-glass reticle


Ballistic Turrets have become widespread as shooters and hunters alike realize their ease of use and effectiveness. Ballistic turrets are set and calibrated for a specific round and muzzle velocity. However, as atmospheric conditions change, the ballistic turret will not be accurate anymore. Enter the Uni-Dial Series. With the adjustable indicators on the elevation turret, the Uni-Dial scope enables shooters to dial in the ballistic turret to their rifle's DOPE.


Many rifles don't spend their lives on the bench. For tactical uses, they may never have a stable bench position. Size, weight, and ease of use are key factors for any scope that sits atop a tactical build.

Piggyback Sight System
XTC Scope


XTC 1-4X34MM

Specifically designed for CMP and NRA High Power "Across the Course" Competition. The XTC14X34 scope has front objective adjustable parallax from 15 yards to infinity. As the stages for Across the Course are set at fixed distances of 200 yards, 300 yards and 600 yards, having adjustable parallax is critical in minimizing parallax error.

  • Available with either Brass ($475) or Stainless Steel ($599) internals
  • 1/4MOA adjustments
  • Horseshoe reticle for easy aiming on the bullseye
CMR4 Scope


CMR4 1-4X24MM

Many tactical shooters shared that they wanted the windage adjustment moved to the left side, and that's exactly where you'll find it on the CMR4. It allows the right-handed shooter to make windage adjustment without taking the scope off of the target.

  • "ZRO-LOK" in windage and elevation for on-the-fly minor adjustments
  • 0.1Mil adjustments, 8Mils per turn
  • Trajectory of 5.56mm (.223 Remington) or 7.62mm NATO (.308 Winchester) ammo works well with the CMR4 reticle
CMR1 Scope


CMR1 1-4X24MM

With a magnification range starting at 1x it allows a rifleman to keep both eyes open, like a red dot sight, during tactical situations or when hunting dangerous game. Increasing the magnification to 4x allows distant targets to be identified, ranged and engaged.

  • 30MM tube for wide adjustment range and high brightness
  • Ranging marks on the right side of the horizontal axis, used to frame a man sized target

XTC Upgrades


Seeing is believing. Sometimes you'll need to see the target just to believe you've hit it - especially when it's quite far away. With our range of observation devices, you won't believe how much you can see!

Spotting Scope
Spotter Scope


Phenom UHD Spotting Scope

The Phenom UHD is a versatile 85mm spotting scope that is perfect for glassing for hours on end without eye fatigue. The large 85mm ED objective lens element delivers incredible resolution and true color fidelity while eliminating chromatic aberrations.

  • Standard 20-60X Eyepiece
  • Easily replaceable, locking eyepieces
  • Field-focused ergonomic design

Spotting Scope


Hi-Lux Phenom ED binoculars produce superb image quality, critical during the low light hunting conditions of daybreak and dusk, with glass lenses meticulously polished to photographic quality for exceptional clarity and light gathering capability. Phenom ED binoculars deliver phenomenal edge-to-edge image sharpness with the addition of a flat view lens in the optical system. The High Definition, Extra Low Dispersion glass lenses eliminate color fringing and chromatic aberration.


In the world of hunting, it's all about shot placement. Before each shot is taken, you have to know that you, your rifle, and your sight will work together to put the shot right where it's needed.

Hunting Scope
LER 2-7X


LER 2-7X

Scout rifle shooters looking to fully tap that capability are turning to low magnification scopes mounted forward of the receiver. This scope has been specifically designed for being mounted in just this fashion. Depending on the magnification setting, the workable eye relief of this scope is approximately 8 to 14 inches, which puts it mounted in front of the receiver.

  • Two reticle options: .308 BDC and duplex
  • Only 11" and 10oz for easy carrying
TBML Scope


Toby Bridges 3-9X Muzzleloader

Muzzleloading hunters now demand more from their rifles and loads than ever before, and here is a scope designed and built to fully tap all of that performance. In addition to the primary crosshair, the 3-9x40mm TBML scope features three lower short crosshairs that provide reticles for shooting at longer ranges.

  • 70MOA of total adjustment
  • 1" Tube and 40MM objective
PentaLux 2-10


PentaLux TAC-V 2-10X42

The TAC-V rifle scope series is constructed with premium quality lenses, polished to photographic clarity. Fully multi-coated with our proprietary DiamondTuff14 technology, the lenses provide the sharpest and brightest sight picture possible.

  • 30MM scope tube
  • 1/4 MOA adjustments
Top Angle 4-16


Top Angle 4-16X50MM

No short-cuts are taken to produce these scopes. All glass lenses are meticulously polished to photographic quality for exceptional clarity and light gathering capability, even during those critical low light hunting conditions at daybreak and dusk.

  • Ambidextrous parallax adjustment
  • 60MOA of total travel


In 1965, the U.S. Marine Corps began its search for a new rifle and scope combo to serve as their official combat sniper rifle. The goal was to have USMC armorers customize and accurize a readily available production rifle. The Corps settled on the Remington Model 40x, chambered for the .308 Winchester (a.k.a. 7.62 NATO) cartridge, and topped it with a commercially available 3-9x40mm hunting scope with an Accu-Ranging scale. The rifle was designated the M40.

Red Dots

At close or tactical ranges, magnification isn't always the best choice. A complicated reticle takes time to figure out, when a snap shot might be better. For these situations, we have red dot sights. These sights are named for the iconic glowing red dot found floating right in the center.

Red Dot on a Glock

ART Scopes

The Leatherwood Automatic Ranging Trajectory (ART) rifle scopes feature a machined integral mount that adds external elevation to compensate for your bullet drop. By setting the CAM on the ART scopes, you essentially match the trajectory curve of the round to the curve of the CAM. Once set, the ART scope will automatically compensate for bullet drop with a turn of the CAM. All the shooter needs to do is Frame, Aim and Shoot!

ART in Vietnam