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TD3 Red Dot Sight : Overview

The TD3 red dot sight and all accompanying parts

In the Box

In the box you’ll find your new Tac Dot 3 (TD3) Red Dot sight. Packed alongside it will be an instruction manual, warranty information, and registration card - all of which are accessible through our website by following the links. A lens cleaning microfiber cloth is folded up on top. You’ll also find the RMR-to-Picatinny adapter, which is a rather low-profile way of mounting your TD3 on non-RMR platforms without raising the height uncomfortably. You’ll also find a small bag of tools and screws; a screwdriver for the battery compartment, an allen key for the RMR/Picatinny through-screws, and the screws in question. 

About the TD3

The TD3 is an open red dot designed for fast acquisition and a large window size (28x19mm!), while mounting with as low a profile as possible. Commonly, this red dot will be mounted on a pistol slide that is cut to fit an RMR-profile optic. We’ve included a conversion plate to mount the TD3 on a picatinny rail, which raises the height only marginally. 

Operation is just as simple. Rubberized digital switches on the left side allow you to raise and lower the illumination through 10 levels of brightness. Windage and Elevation adjustments (on the right and upper sides, respectively) each have 90 MOA of total adjustment, providing plenty of room to get zeroed at a close distance. The adjustment heads have been cut to fit either a flathead screwdriver or the rim of a 9mm cartridge. 

The CR2032 battery has a lifespan of 50,000 hours at medium brightness. The TD3 features an auto-sleep function that turns the light off after 3 minutes of inactivity. If the red dot is moved any time after this - as in walking with your pistol holstered - the red dot will turn back on. The TD3 will shut off completely after 4 hours of inactivity. No need to go double-checking when it’s put up for the night. If you need it to turn off right away, simply hold either of the illumination buttons for 2 seconds. To keep your zero, we’ve designed the battery compartment to be side-loading; you won’t have to remove your red dot to replace the battery.

The chassis is a single piece machined from 7075-T6 aluminum billet. It’s sturdy enough to take the recoil from a reciprocating slide.

The TD3 mounted on a glock



  • Dot size is 3MOA
  • The glass is fully multicoated, hydrophobic, and scratch resistant
  • 28x19mm window size


  • Machined out of 7075-T6 aluminum billet
  • RMR-cut ready
  • Picatinny adapter included 
  • Weighs 1.6oz in standard setup, 2.7oz with picatinny adapter
  • Battery is side-loading
  • Click adjustments
  • 90MOA of adjustment for each (windage, elevation)


  • CR2032 Battery
  • 50,000 hours of battery life
  • Auto-sleep after 3 minutes
  • Auto-shutoff after 4 hours


Looking for ways to use your red dot? Why not take it turkey hunting, mounted on a shotgun? 

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