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Malcolm 6X Long Telescopic Rifle Scope

Fine Vintage Riflescopes for Fine Vintage Rifles

William Malcolm is the oldest name in scope manufacturing, established in 1855. Malcolm Optics has stepped back in the time to redesign this historic line of telescopic rifle sights, providing today's vintage rifle shooter with period correct styling and modern optics.

The Malcolm 6X long rifle telescope sits right at home on either 1840-1860 style long-range muzzle-loaded bullet rifles or a wide range of late 1800s black powder rifles.

An ever growing selection of the mount bases now include the side mounts for various sharps rifle models, the off-set mount set for the long Malcolm scope on a round barrel Percussion rifle, Remington rolling block rifles, Winchester Model 1885 rifle, H&R “ Buffalo Classic”, Winchester ’73, ’76, ’92 & ‘94 models, Henry “Golden Boy” .22, Marlin ’94 / ’95 models, and others.

The Malcolm 6X long rifle telescope's glass lenses are fully multi-coated for optimal light transmission and nitrogen purged for fogproof performance. The finest quality reproduction vintage style riflescopes available today!

The Standard Front Ring that is included with the Malcolm 6X long rifle telescope is designed to be zeroed at 200 yards. If you would like to zero the Malcolm long rifle telescope at 100 yards, you will need the Higher Front Ring.

Long 6X Malcolm Scope Manual [download]
Standard Malcolm 6X Long Scope Mounting Instructions [download]
Malcolm Telescopic Scope Mounting Overview [download]

Wm. Malcolm 6X Long Telescopic Sight

Customer Reviews

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Greeeeeat.only 5 day shipping from US to Denmark 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Ok product. Confusing instructions.


Haven't received order yet.

Authentic, Historic with Modern Reliabilty!!

Mounted on an H&R 1871 Buffalo Classic 45/70 the fit is perfect. The Installation was a breeze and adjustments are seemingly easy. The look is nothing short of Awesome along with being functional this scope is a great addition to this rifle. I have never had anything but exceptional service from Hi-Lux and have used their other scopes with Great satisfaction. I will be adding more of the Malcolm series to my collection soon.

Great optics, not great instructions

This rifle scope looks amazing and the optics are fantastic.
If this were coupled with good instructions it would be perfect.
However the instructions and images are not as wonderful as the hardware.
I suggest some YouTube video tutorials to show those of us who pay so much for a great vintage style sighting system just how to mount it so that we don't make mistakes as this would make the whole purchase as amazing as the scope itself. Some idea of how to mount everything would be great, Include the mounting of the rear dovetail, front dovetail, any modifications needed like drilling of any holes? How to mount the precision elevation accessory, then how to use it all. This is the 21'st century, poorly written instruction on a piece of paper doesn't cut it. Spend somewhat as much as you do on all the full color ad copy you send with every order on the instruction materials, this will help with repeat purchases. Recap - beautiful hardware, not great instructional materials.

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