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Vintage Rifle Compatibility List

For more information on the Malcolm Scopes and the available parts, please check The Very Comprehensive Malcolm Interchangeable Parts Guide

Modern rifles typically have one or two easy ways to mount optics: The Picatinny Rail, or a set of rings specific to the gun. Old rifles, however, give you some room to work on. You could invent your own mounting system (as was often historically the case), or utilize other classic and repeatable mounting systems (The blocks). Perhaps, however, you want to be able to mount an optic without doing any machining at all, so you don't have to damage a rifle that's over a century old. 

Whatever the case may be, this list endeavors to be comprehensive. It won't start that way, though - we'll be adding rifles to this list and including whatever relevant mounting information we can get our hands on. If you have a rifle at home not listed here and are willing to send us the measurements and notes, we'd love to include it. If you are looking for some info, drop us a request and we'll dig up what we can. 

There are a few common mounting components to look at, and those elements will depend on what scope you're putting on your rifle. We have two main mounting profiles, which differ quite widely:

  • The long scope
  • The short scope(s)

This list will be divided by rifle model, and thereafter by whichever characteristic sets it apart. In the case of some rifles, there are few barrel lengths but many manufacturers. For others, there may only be 1 make and model of the gun. The list will proceed in yearly & alphabetical order by colloquial name.
Some rifles may not be able to accept the long scope because of a shorter barrel length. That will be noted here as well, where that information is available. 

Before we hop into all the rifles, I wanted to list out some of our kits and the measurements. Expect this list to be updated as well as I get more of the photos ready.

The Parts

Long Scope

Heavy-Duty Base: This is a plate made to more securely attach the long scope's rear mount to any rifle, and is highly recommended for any caliber with decent kick. (.45-70, I'm looking at you!) The rear of the heavy-duty base fits over the dovetail block / dovetail cut towards the rear of the barrel. Most commonly, the dovetail cut in the barrel will be 3/8", though we have other dovetail blocks available if your rifle has a different size. The heavy-duty base has two screws that fasten it to the dovetail block, and an additional 3 holes for fastening the plate to your barrel as well. We recommend at least 2 holes be utilized with the barrel to ensure a strong hold. Some rifles may require drilling and tapping, as they may not have extra holes near the rear dovetail. For the spacing between the 3 holes and the dovetail block (center of each): 1st to 2nd hole: 23.7mm; 2nd to 3rd: 10mm; 1st to Dovetail: 42.5mm.

The Rifles

Winchester 73/76

Lever action

Short Scope: Use W7376MT. Rear Mount replaces dust cover and attaches to left side of receiver. Front mount goes in to 3/8” rear dovetail. Receiver may need to be drilled and tapped (if not already).

Winchester 1885

High Wall and Low Wall

Short Scope: Use W1885MTMount is designed for Miroku (Japan) Manufactured Winchester 1885 Low and High Wall rifles. Original Winchester 1885 rifles will need to be drilled & tapped.

Long Scope: Uberti reproduction 1885 has 3/8" dovetail at end of muzzle to fit front ring, and 3/8" dovetail near receiver to fit rear base. Receiver requires drilling and tapping at least 2 additional holes to fit heavy duty base securely. 32" barrel fits the 7" sunshade. 24 5/8" spacing front-to-rear gives 139 MOA / Inch of adjustment.

Winchester 92/94

Lever action

Short Scope: Use W9294MTSome 94’s and all 92s need 2 holes Drilled & Tapped on left side of receiver. This mount kit will offset scope marginally to left, moving it out of the way of case ejection.

Marlin 94/95

Short Scope: Use M9495MTInsert the 3/8” dovetail in the rear dovetail slot (near receiver). Front mount tightens into the rear dovetail slot. The rear mount is attached to the predrilled holes on the receiver. Provided scope mounts slide over bases. No Drilling and Tapping is necessary.

Henry Big Boy

Short Scope: Use M9495MT. The rear mount is attached to predrilled holes on the receiver (1/2” spacing). Front mount utilizes the rear dovetail: Insert the 3/8” dovetail in rear dovetail slot (on barrel). The M9495MT is compatible with Henry Big Boy Rifles. No drilling and tapping is necessary

Henry Golden Boy 

Short Scope: On .22/.17HMR models, use HGB22MT. 3/8” dovetail goes into rear dovetail slot. Tighten the Henry Golden Boy mount after centering on rear dovetail. The front and rear scope mounts slide directly over the bases on the Henry Mount. No Drilling and tapping is necessary.

H&R Buffalo Classic

Short Scope: You will need to drill and tap the receiver and barrel to mount the Malcolm short scope.

Long Scope: For the rear mount, you will need to use our HRBCRB base. The standard rear mount goes directly over the HRBCRB base, no drilling or tapping required. Front ring can use the standard height or taller 3/8" front ring in front dovetail slot.


Short Scope
: If the rifle has an octagon barrel with little to no taper in the barrel, you can drill and tap the receiver and barrel to attach the standard bases. Alternatively, Sharps Side Mount may work if the spacing on your receiver fits. Please call to confirm measurements.

Taylor's (Chiappa)
Short ScopeFor Taylor’s Sharps rifles manufactured by Chiappa, our Sharps Side Mount kit is compatible. Some modification may be required, depending on changes in rifle production.

Long Scope
Taylor’s & Company Sharps rifles manufactured by Chiappa will need to be drilled and tapped to install the rear heavy duty base. The rear dovetail size is 5/8”. The standard height front ring will work for 200 yard zero. If you are looking to zero at 100 yards, you will need to use the Malcolm Long Scope Higher Front Ring (M634LHF)

Short Scope: Rear dovetail may be 3/8" or 1/2" - please measure your rifle to confirm. Pedersoli Sharps are predrilled on the barrel and receiver at the factory. Use the Sharps Side Mount kit.

Long Scope: Pedersoli has predrilled their modern Sharps rifle at the factory. No drilling & tapping required. Please verify that rifle has octagonal barrel and whether rear dovetail is 3/8" or 1/2". If rear dovetail is 1/2", you will need 1/2" dovetail (#DB0500).

Short Scope
Uberti Sharps rifles that were manufactured by Pedersoli are compatible with the Sharps Side MountYou can also drill and tap the receiver and barrel to use the standard ½” 60 degree bases.

Long ScopeUberti Sharps rifle’s barrel will need to be drilled and tapped to install the rear heavy duty base. The rear dovetail block size is 3/8". The front dovetail is 3/8" and will fit the standard height or higher front ring.

Armi Sport / Chiappa (with 0.625" dovetail)
Short Scope: Chiappa manufactured Sharps rifles are compatible with the Sharps Side Mount Kit.

Long Scope: You will need to drill and tap holes on the barrel for the heavy duty base. Chiappa has 3/8" dovetail at muzzle, which fits standard or higher front ring. Rear dovetail will require a 5/8" dovetail block (DB0625).

Shiloh / C Sharps
Short Scope
Some Shiloh and C Sharps are compatible with the Sharps Side Mount Kit. Some rifles may need holes drilled for the front mount. Alternatively, the barrel is thick enough that you can always drill and tap holes for the standard ½” 60 degree bases for both mounts.

Long Scope: You will need to use our Shiloh Front Ring and Dovetail Set (SHIDTSET). The Heavy Duty Base will need to be drilled and tapped on to the receiver. Rear mount will require the 0.486" dovetail (in the Shiloh set), and front mount will use the Shiloh front ring.

Whitworth Rifle

Long ScopeYou will need to use the Round Barrel Offset mount (RBOSMT) to mount the Malcolm 6X Long scope on a Whitworth rifle. Because of the long barrel, you will need the 9” extension (SKU# MS349). Please measure the diameter of your barrel at the muzzle to determine proper clamp size. Front scope ring's dovetail fits into the clamp. Rear Mount will sit on the offset plate, which may require drilling and tapping 2 additional holes near the rear dovetail.

3 Responses

Chase Christenson

Chase Christenson

August 24, 2023

Hey would this fit a heritage rancher thanks

Andre Seiffert

Andre Seiffert

August 24, 2023

I have a Marlin 1893 in 30-30 that I would like a two tone short scope mounted on it. It is pre-drilled and 9 inches from the centre of the dove tail to the first screw hole. Is there a way ( should be), to do it. I have inquired before with no answer can you please reply. Thank you , Andre

Nick Traher

Nick Traher

August 24, 2023

I have a Pedersoli 45/70 with a 34 inch barrel the number on the barrel cat.8731. The serial number RO11529. I would like to put a long scope on it but it doesn’t have a rear dove tail nor is it drilled and taped. I would like some information on mounts and advise thank you.

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