Malcolm Long Scope 6X Fine Elevation Adjustment Set

Precision minded shooters looking to maximize the long range accuracy of the Malcolm 6X Long scope need a reliable and repeatable method to consistently adjust the elevation. 

Due to the original design of the long scope, you would need to manually loosen and move the scope up or down in the rear mount to change the point of impact. With access to only a vernier scale on the rear mount, this method of adjustment is not consistent and is subject to human error.

With the Fine Elevation Adjustment Set installed, the shooter can simply turn the knurled thumbscrew to vertically adjust the point of impact. Rotating the screw clockwise will move the point of impact upwards. Rotating the screw counterclockwise will move the point of impact downwards. 

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6x long scope w/ precision adjustment

I take no pleasure in writing this review. My purpose is to pass on my observations and my opinions so that someone else has some data points in making a decision to buy a scope. I’ll start on a positive note:
(1) Malcolm 6X Two Tone Short Rifle Telescope:
I purchased one of these scopes direct from Hi-Lux. Received in a timely manner and had excellent conversations with Hi-Lux staff. I have not got scope to gunsmith yet but was able to focus it and has very good clear optics. The scope mounting hardware is precision and I see this scope comparable to scopes sold by other vendors mostly in Montana area at twice the price. I would recommend this to folks in the market looking for a good scope at a value price.
(2) Malcolm 6X Long Rifle Telescope:
I don’t even know where to start pursuant to this scope kit. I say kit, which includes mounts. I do not have any issues with the scope. It has the same good clear optics as the shorter versions. I bought one of these scopes after I had tried the 18” two tone scope. I assumed it would stand up to the quality as seen in short scopes. My first problem after unpacking was trying to loosen the ¾” scope ring. 3 of the 4 screws were no problem. One screw near the eye piece would not budge it was so tight. I bent a bit from my Weaver gun tool kit trying to loosen. So liquid wrench and a nights sleep were performed and using appropriate vise-grips I broke it loose next morning. Fortunately a local hardware has gun screws and will replace.
Instructions for installation are substandard. Seems they are trying to consolidate information in short of space possible. One picture with multi parts reference (numbers) which are hard to determine what parts goes where. This on a poor visual IPB (illustrated parts breakdown).
The rear mount.
The rear mount has several design features which need to be reengineered. First is the windage function. It is located on the front side of the rear mount and is not visually accessible unless you pull the gun back so your head to near the fore grip. Most matches this would be a 179 degree violation. Also there is way too much equipment clutter in this small area. I cannot believe this flaw would come out of Human Engineering as OK. Also the windage adjustment has 3 ticks per side. Full throw of the windage adjustment it only goes to appox 2 ticks per side before going into the stops. Additionally to adjust windage you must loosen the opposite windage screw before attempting to adjust windage. This should have never left factory with this design. A push-pull type of device should have been incorporated. I also purchased the “fine tune elevation” accessory. I have a 1860 rear peep sight on an old target gun that has more thought put into it.
Also when trying to install scope to rear rings it is very hard to access the ring screws after putting scope in proper position. I have yet to figure this out.
My recommendation is to leave this scope alone unless you have some quality micro adjustment mounts. I kinda wish I had realized this before buying the long scope. I’m 75 on a fixed income and shooting with my friends is what I do to stay mentally alert. All my conversations with Hi-lux have been positive and I perceive they are both friendly and knowledgeable in their products. I also detect a note of pride in them about Hi-lux and its products. Which makes me wonder if the comments I have outlined are known deficiencies in this specific mount. I’ll admit I’m not the best long range shooter but a pretty good retired engineer from a major aero space company.

Hi Jerry,

Thank you for your feedback regarding the Malcolm 6X Long Rifle Telescope mounts. We are in the process of designing a new sliding mount for this scope that will go directly in to the dovetails. We can reach out to you when we have this new mount available.

We do have supplemental mounting tutorial videos on our YouTube page. Here is the link to the Malcolm scope playlist:

Please feel free to contact us at (310)257-8142 or by email at if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Hi-Lux Optics


Malcolm Long Scope 6X Fine Elevation Adjustment Set

A must have for your rig

Trying to stay with a nostalgic look and still enjoy shooting the big 50. This is definitely what I needed. There was so much recoil that it was hard to keep elevation set to a precision stop point every single time. This part did the trick

Long Lu

Great piece of gear. Really adds to my sharps. Wish the mounts where sturdier built for the 45-70 recoil.


Cheaply made product. Needed to sand and refinish all roughly cut edges and reblue. Elevations disappeared when sanded because just surface marks. Not high quality product but guess price somewhat reflects that.