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Malcolm 8X USMC Sniper Scope

Scopes of this design, with micrometer click external adjustment, were favored by long-range precision shooters, and quite a few different scope manufacturers offered very similar models. Today, an original Unertl USMC marked scope in mint condition can be hardly found or at very high value.

All Malcolm Optics are built using state-of-the-art scope manufacturing techniques and lens coatings. Not only will this scope match the originals for extremely precise adjustment of windage and elevation, the Malcolm 8X USMC also offers the advantages of modern lens coating, with fully multi-coated lens surfaces for maximum light transmission. This scope offers the brightest, clearest, and sharpest optics ever in a riflescope of this design. The scope will be marked with the Wm. Malcolm name over the USMC-SNIPER model designation, and are serial numbered – as were the original USMC models.

Malcolm 8X USMC Sniper Scope Manual [download]
Malcolm 8X USMC Recoil Spring Assembly Instructions [download]

Wm. Malcolm 8X USMC

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Looks to be good quality. Haven't mounted and shot under it yet. I'll let you know.

Clear optic

Just pulled the scope from the box and looked through it and it is clear and sharp.First observation everything looks good and I"m pleased with it.
Have it at the smith to be put on my 03 to be used in Vintage Sniper Matches. Can't wait to get it back to try it out.

Not yet installed

Scope looks good customer service was great answering all questions plan to drop it by gunsmith next week

Clone Sniper Rifle

Received the USMC Sniper Scope after a very short wait. About 5 days. Not bad for coming from the West Coast. Initial inspection showed a good quality replica. It will be mounted on a Model 1903 Remington . Gave it four stars for know. After mounting and test firing may give it 5 stars if it performs as good as it looks.

Top of the line reproduction

I bought this scope to put on a 100% original 1925 Winchester 52 Slow-lock with factory original scope mounts. I had previous experience shooting the same model with the Lyman Super Target Spot and wanted to give the rifle a scope it deserved. I was worried about whether the scope would fit the original factory rails, and it fit perfectly. Tapped onto the rails lightly, and it fit snuggly where the tightening screws really weren’t even needed to hold it in place, just a secondary reinforcement. I was very excited when I found this scope online because the original style scopes I had shot of this style did not have clear optics. So when I saw that they had a spot on reproduction with modern lense technology I jumped at the opportunity. As I said it fit perfectly on my Winchester 52 and looks great. From the external appearance it is spot on to what an original would look and feel like. The adjustment knobs have a good click control, and what I was very eager to see was how clear the optics a were. Same fine cross hair as you would see on an original Unertl, but the optics are extremely clear and make shooting a period style scope such as this a joy to shoot without putting any strain on your eyes looking through a cloudy lense. Thank you High Lux! Keep up the good work.

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