Sharps Side Mount Set

The Sharps Side Mount Set is a two-piece mount for the Malcolm 3X and 6X short scopes.

The Sharps Receiver Rear Mount shown in the first picture is attached with the pre-existing screw holes on the receiver. The Mounting Screws are included.

The front mount is designed for Pedersoli Sharps rifles and uses the existing hole in front of the rear dovetail.

Sharps Side Mount Instructions [download]

Customer Reviews

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Be prepared to modify rear mount and screws

This is not a bad review it's simply a heads up! You will need to mill/file off a moderate amount of metal on the rear mount contact points (where it touches the side of your receiver) and the center strap between the two contact points in order to get it centered on the bore line with the front mount. After removing this metal you will then need to shorten the supplied mount screws as they will be too long. Anybody with basic machinist skills (or that can use a dremmel or file!) will be able to perform these modifications. If you don't and simply mount it on your sharps (including the pedersoli 1874 Target that I have) out of the bag, the posi cut rear mount will be too far offset to the left of bore centerline. This will use up all of your windage clicks to parallel the scope on top of the barrel to bore centerline when you mount your scope. With a little bit of sweat and a lot of filing you can make this mount work and have it centered on the bore line. But it is NOT a drop in and use mount for sure. Good quality metal. You will also have to reblue the mount obviously after your modifications. No problems at all just a fair amount of work to center it on the bore line.

Great mount for my Pedersoli 1874Sharps

Makes the short 6x scope look right at home.. well satisfied!


Fits great

Wrong fitting

Rear scope mount fitted ok , front mount did not sit flush on my rifle octagonal barrel (Pedersoli Quigley 45/70) hence it will require machining by a gunsmith which is bad news as that encompasses more cost .

Excellent with a Persoli Sharps

As usual this is a great setup and great quality. Very satisfied.