Sliding Mount for Malcolm 6X Long Rifle Telescope

If you’re looking to mount a Malcolm 6X long scope on your rifle without drilling and tapping or if you’re looking to shoot hot loads with heavy bullets with your Malcolm scope, you’re in the right place.

The Malcolm Sliding Mount indexes into the front and rear sight dovetails on the rifle. After each shot, the scope will slide forward in the mounts, which reduces the recoil energy travelling through the mounts. The shooter will need to pull the scope back in to “battery” after each shot.

The Malcolm Sliding Mount has several base plates to accommodate for various front and rear dovetail sizes. Be sure to select the appropriate base size for your rifle.

Rear Dovetail Sizes Front Dovetail Sizes
Pedersoli (0.375") Pedersoli (0.375")
Uberti (0.375") Uberti / Chiappa (0.375")
Shiloh / C Sharps (0.475") Shiloh / C Sharps (0.435")
Pedersoli (0.500")
Chiappa (0.625)"

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Built To Withstand Heavy Recoil

Machined from solid steel, the Malcolm Sliding Mount is rugged enough to withstand the recoil of even the most punishing cartridge rifles.

The sliding action of the mounts will mitigate the recoil energy passing through the mounts and optic.

Sliding Six Rear Mount on Rifle Barrel

Mounts Directly to Rifle Dovetails

Front Ring and Rear Mount index into existing dovetails on rifle.

Select the appropriately sized bases based on your rifle manufacturer.

If your rifle does not have a rear sight dovetail you would need to drill and tap the barrel, Select "Drill and Tap" for the rear sight dovetail base.