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Hi-Lux Toby Bridges 3X-9X Muzzleloader Riflescope

Muzzleloading hunters now demand more from their rifles and loads than ever before, and here is a scope designed and built to fully tap all of that performance. The Leatherwood / Hi-Lux “HIGH PERFORMANCE MUZZLELOADING” scope is the idea of today’s leading modern in-line muzzleloading rifle authority – Toby Bridges.

In addition to the primary crosshair, the 3-9x40mm HPML scope features three lower short crosshairs that provide reticles for shooting at longer ranges. The positions of these additional reticles were determined by thousands of rounds fired with today’s more popular saboted muzzleloading bullets at a wide range of velocities.

With a high ballistic coefficient 250 grain polymer tipped spire-point bullet, shot at 1,950 to 2,000 f.p.s., this scope can be sighted “on” at 100 yards, and the lower crossbars will point the load “on” at 200…225… and 250 yards. Each HPML scope will be shipped with a chart that provides points of impact for other popular loads and bullets. 

Toby Bridge's Muzzleloader Rifle Scope Manual [download]