Malcolm 8X Vintage Sniper Competition Mount

You've asked, and we've delivered!

Specially designed for Vintage Sniper Competition, the new Malcolm micrometer mounts give you precise adjustment clicks to clean targets at 600 yards. 

The Malcolm Vintage Sniper Competition mounts eliminate virtually all backlash between clicks. 

Compatible with all 3/4" externally adjusted rifle scopes. The Malcolm VSC Mounts fasten on to crescent cut scope blocks.

To get 1/4 MOA adjustments, the front and rear mounts will need to be spaced 7.250" from center to center.

Malcolm Vintage Sniper Competition Mount Manual [download]

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Replaced Unertl mounts

I have 8x and 12X Unertl scopes. These are the commercial scopes and not the contract military scopes. I was first interested in the fact that the Hi-Lux mounts were in black and I could use on my scopes more in the Military type. Now that I have two sets of the Hi-Lux Competition Mounts on my rifles, I find the mount much better that the Unertl. That is saying a lot! The Hi-Lux models are equal if not better than the Unertl in precision of adjustment. The clicks are more audible and the feel is more defined. Easy to Zero and adjust. The quality, and workmanship is outstanding. I highly recommend! If you are a vintage sniper competitor, these mounts are the way to go.

Great Mount

Not that older style mounts were bad or unusable, these are just a big upgrade.
I ran a tracking "box" test and the scope did. Very well. Tracked accurately and returned back to zero. The clicks are awesome. Seems very well made.
If your a serious target shooter, you will not be disappointed.

What an improvement !!

This mount is super duper improvement over the original mounts, they were mushy and too fine increments it made it hard to use .
But this new mount is built more robust and has very distinct and solid clicks.
The graduations on the turrets are very clear and very precise.
I also like the adjustable "0". Love this mount!!!
I am looking forward to shooting my next vintage sniper match !!!!