Rings, Rails, and More

One way or another, that optic has to hold firmly onto that firearm. Please note, this is only for modern scopes, not the Malcolm line of optics.


Not all rifles arrive with Picatinny rails attached... and not all rails are built to high enough standards to satisfy the modern shooter.

Precision machined from solid steel bar stock to exacting tolerances, these bases are equal to any on the market in precision and finish. The bases are machined to the original Weaver-type dimensions so they will accept either Picatinny or standard Weaver rings.

Rails and Rings


The scope is a tube. On its own, it has no means of attaching to the rifle. This is the job of the rings. You need to hold the scope at two places, to prevent sideways torque during recoil. Our steel rings hold the scope quite firmly, and form the first line of defense against the effects of recoil.

PR5-25 plus Max Tac Rings


This is a section for the little bits that can make a scope complete, or fine tune it for the individual shooter. Not strictly necessary parts, but sometimes just right.

Scope with Throw Lever