Hi-Lux XTC1-4X34 Service Rifle Competition Rifle Scope

The Hi-Lux XTC14X34 scope was specifically designed for CMP and NRA High Power "Across the Course" Competition. Featuring a 34mm objective lens for optimal light gathering, the XTC14X34 scope additionally has front objective from 15 yards to infinity. As the stages for Across the Course are set at fixed distances of 200 yards, 300 yards and 600 yards, having adjustable parallax is critical in minimizing parallax error.

Additionaly, fine ¼ MOA click elevation and windage turrets allow for precise adjustment. The XTC14X34 is built on top of our CMR platform and is loaded with advanced design features that truly put it in a class all of its own.

While the lenses of all Hi-Lux scopes feature fully multi-coated air surfaces for optimum light transmission, clarity and sharp target image, we’ve gone all out to use High Density Extra Low Dispersion lenses in the XTC14X34. We know the importance of quickly identifying your target and seeing it clearly, especially during the middle of a close heat.

XTC14X34 Manual [download]


Magnification: 1-4X

Objective Lens Diameter: 34mm

Eye Relief: 3.5"

Field of View: 95 - 26.2 ft @ 100 yards

Tube Size: 30mm

Length: 10.2"

Weight: 22 oz


The Hi-Lux XTC14X34 is a purpose built rifle scope for CMP and NRA High Power "Across the Course" Competition. Based around the 2016 CMP rule change regarding optics, the XTC14X34 scope has the maximum 34mm objective lens, allowing for more light to pass through the optic and a more forgiving eye box. 

Hi-Lux XTC 14X34 Service Rifle Scope

MOA Cross Reticle

• The center cross on the reticle measures 5 MOA by 5 MOA.

• The inside diameter of the horseshoe measures 9 MOA.

• The outside diameter of the horseshoe measures 11 MOA.

• The tickmarks on both the vertical and horizontal axes indicate multiples of 5 MOA.

• This reticle is true at 4X.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
James Baglien
Great all-around scope

I have two of these -- one for its designed purpose, over-the-course high power competition, and one on a PPC I keep for pest control and informal plinking. The reticle is great, the magnification range very useful, and the AO feature is priceless for shooting at a variety of ranges.

New Build

Purchased this scope ahead of new build delivery. Scope appears well made, robust, and with all the necessary options. Cannot wait to get it mounted and trialed for the 2022 XTC season.

Alistair Lihou
X ring highlight

Exactly what the title says. Makes it very easy to acquire the center of the target. The rest is up to your trigger control.

Delbert Woloski
Hi-Lux 1-4x34

Very nice scope. Hope to shoot soon and really test out scope.

David Ambrose
Hi-Lux XTC1-4X34 Service Rifle Competition Rifle Scope

My second scope still had minor internal lens flaws that could be seen indoors but can't really be seen in bright light. The battery cover is difficult to screw on and I'll eventually break it. The brightest light setting isn't bright enough to create contrast against a black dot target in bright sunlight, would much prefer the reticle horseshoe and center cross hair to be green. The scope with mount are heavy. My score was down 50 points first time shooting a scope, will take 2-3 more matches to dial it in and I may just end up going back to iron sights.