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Hi-Lux M40 3X-9X Riflescope

In 1965, the U.S. Marine Corps began its search for a new rifle and scope combo to serve as their official combat sniper rifle. The goal was to have USMC armorers customize and accurize a readily available production rifle. The Corps settled on the Remington Model 40x, chambered for the .308 Winchester (a.k.a. 7.62 NATO) cartridge, and topped it with a commercially available 3-9x40mm hunting scope with an Accu-Ranging scale. The rifle was designated the M40.

Hi-Lux Optics is now recreating this 1960′s era scope for all of those “old school” sharpshooters among us, those who take the time to know the trajectory of the loads they shoot. However, we’ve made major internal improvements. The optics are far superior to that of the original, with precision ground lenses that are fully multi-coated for maximum light transmission. We’ve also added positive 1/4″ click adjustments to the windage and elevation turrets.

Limited Quantities of the M40 USMC 3-9X40 in stock. Available Now!

M40 Rifle Scope Manual [download]

M40 3-9X40 Series

Customer Reviews

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Scope covers

I have not put it on a rifle yet. Right out of the box I was dissatisfied because the front scope cove when I put it on it fell right off so I Made sure it was put on correctly and it fell of again. This the second review I’ve been rote on it but apparently they care once it’s yours. Ralph International Falls,Mn

The Jury is still out.........

I purchased the M40 for a Vietnam retro build that I was completing. Initially the looks out of the box were great. The scope was packaged very securely. I was able to mount it without issue. All caps could be removed freely and the magnification ring moved without issue. Mounting was without any problem. Scope ring crews were set at "hand tight +". Double checked functioning and went to is where things began to go south.

The very day I received it, I fired 30 rounds of .308 and got a great zero at 100 yards. The range finder on the scope works great, and is a wonderful addition (I can see why these were so useful during the Vietnam War). However I then noticed that the magnification ring had become stuck. I checked the tightness of my scope rings and the orientation of the rings to ensure no binding was occurring, After checking this out I fired 20 more rounds and the ring was functional again. I decided to reconfirm my zero with another 30 rounds and noticed that the range finder in the bottom right had migrated to a 45 degree angle and intersected the bottom crosshair post.

I contacted HiLux, whose staff were very helpful, and immediately sent me a return form. After receiving my troubled scope, they sent me a new one. I have once again mounted and double checked all components, but have not yet had the opportunity to test the new scope out.

Pros.......retro look, range finder, staff support
Cons.....price especially compared to the reliability issues I encountered, reliability (since it is in a circle, even tilted you could still use the rangefinder in a pinch though)

I am hoping that when the opportunity to go to the range again presents itself that this scope will function without issue...... and I can make additions to this review for future customers.

Great folks to deal with.

M40 6-9 is a nice scope for my Rem M40 repros.

Great Buy

This scope was mounted to my M1A and I love it

M40 3x-9x USMC riflescope

Using this item on a retro rifle. Only problem I seem to be having is the adjusting clicks are not very positive.

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