Malcolm 6X Short Rifle Telescope

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William Malcolm is the oldest name in scope manufacturing, originally established in 1855. Malcolm Optics has stepped back in the time to redesign this historic line of telescopic rifle sights, providing today’s shooter a period correct scope with modern optics. 

Both the 3X 17″ and 6X 18″ Malcolm scopes are ideal for many of the single-shot and lever-action cartridge rifles produced during the late 1880s and 1890s. An ever growing selection of the mounts and accessories now include the side mounts for various sharps rifle models, Winchester Model 1885 rifle, H&R “ Buffalo Classic”, Winchester ’73, ’76, ’92 & ‘94 models, Henry “Golden Boy” .22, Marlin ’94 / ’95 models, and others.

Every glass lens in the Malcolm 3X short scope is fully multi-coated. The scope is also nitrogen purged and sealed. The Malcolm 3X and 6X short scope are among the finest quality reproduction vintage riflescopes available today!

Short 6X Malcolm Scope Manual [download]
Malcolm Telescopic Scope Mounting Overview [download]


Magnification: 6X

Objective Lens Diameter: 17mm

Eye Relief: 4"

Field of View: 12 ft @ 100 yards

Tube Size: 3/4"

Length: 18"

Weight: 18 oz

Malcolm Short Rifle Telescopes

Like the original Winchester A5 scopes from the late 1880s-1890s, the Malcolm 3X and 6X short telescopic comes with authentically styled "caged" rear mount and front mount. The elevation and windage can be adjusted in the rear mount.

winchester 1873 lever with malcolm 6x short rifle telescope

Fine Cross Reticle

Like the original Winchester A5 scope, the Malcolm short rifle telescopes come with fine crosswire reticles.

Fine Crosswire Reticle

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Very nice optic

Haven't shot with it yet but I'm happy with the glass. Very clear.

Old School

Really has the look on my Sharps rifle. It’s been too cold to try it on the range but am looking forward to giving it a test.

Head turner on my baby rolling block

Had it mounted on my baby rolling block got multiple comments from several different shooters. I was hitting bowling pins at 100 yards with 38 spl mild loads. I am so happy with this scope. Talked to Scott before I purchased mounting hardware. Service could not be better it’s not a junk scope glass is sharp and clear finish is good end caps are nice heavy metal this is my second Malcom scope and have plans for 2 more. I don’t need the money but if I get a COVID check I can guarantee you where I am spending it. P.S my other scope is the 8X USMC sniper scope sitting on a Winchester 52D and I shoot 5 shot ragged hole groups at 50 yards.

1x short rifle scope

I don't know yet how it helps my shooting. It really looks on my .58 cal Zoave Rifle.


I truly recommend Hi-Lux for optic I have had a great experience with their item and will go back to them for more.