Malcolm 20X Vintage Target Scope

To give modern performance to these old style scopes, we precision grind each lens to micron tolerances. Every lens element is individually inspected to ensure that its curvature, centering, diameter and thickness are within tolerance. This ensures optimal image resolution with minimal optical aberration.

We fully multi-coat each lens with the highest quality DiamondTuff14 coating. Each lens surface offers ≥ 99.5% light transmission across the visible light spectrum. The Malcolm 20X Vintage Target Scope offers the brightest, clearest, and sharpest optics ever in a riflescope of this design.

Like our Malcolm 8X Gen II Vintage Sniper Competition scope, the steel tube features a laser spot welded rib for enhanced strength and rigidity. All threads and metallic parts are CNC machined to precise tolerances. All hardware is hardened for optimal durability and mar resistance.

The Malcolm 20X Vintage Target Scope comes with our Vintage Sniper Competition mounts. The rear micrometer is patterned after the Unertl mount. Compatible with crescent cut scope blocks, these mounts offer precise ¼ MOA adjustment clicks when the front and rear mount are spaced 7.250” from center to center. This mount has virtually zero backlash and ultra tactile adjustment clicks.

Parallax adjustment is located on the objective end of the Malcolm 20X Vintage Target Scope. Focusing parallax for your desired distance is accomplished through axially shifting the objective lens housing by turning the lock ring and index ring. The range calibrated scale on the objective bell, in conjunction with the 10 division index ring, will aid in accurate and consistent parallax adjustment.

Malcolm 20X Vintage Target Scope Manual [download]


Magnification: 20X

Objective: 41mm

Eye Relief: 2.5"

Field of View: 4' @ 100 yards

Tube Size: 3/4"

Length: 25.75"

Weight: 32 oz

Exit Pupil: 1.9mm

Malcolm 20X Vintage Target Scope

The Malcolm 20X Vintage Target Scope combines cutting edge clarity and precision with classic vintage target scope styling.

Paired with the Malcolm Vintage Sniper Competition rings, the Malcolm 20X provides ultra positive clicks and rock solid repeatability.

Fine Crosswire Reticle

Fine Crosswire Reticle

The Wm. Malcolm 20X Target scope is outfitted with a fine crosswire reticle. The crosswire reticle is fastened to the reticle lock ring.