Winchester 1885 Mount Set

This mount set is to mount the 17” or 18” Malcolm Short Telescopic Sight onto a Winchester 1885 Low and High wall.

If you would like to mount the Malcolm 6X Two Tone Rifle Telescope or the Malcolm 8X Sniper, you will need to use the W1885MT-C.

This mounting kit is specifically designed for Miroku manufactured predrilled 1885 rifles. The set includes both the front and rear mounts. There is no drilling and tapping required for Miroku manufactured Winchester 1885 rifles.

W1885 Mounting Instructions [download]
Scope Block Cut

Customer Reviews

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1885 Mount Set

I used the 1885 Mount Set to mount a 6X18 short Malcom scope on my Taylor’s/Uberti Baby Rolling Block worked perfect. Ordering another set for my Low Wall. Quality mounts Talked to Scott twice good advice good service fast shipping.

Winchester 1885 Mount

This mount fits the Maruku 1885 Highwall Rifle only. It was easy to install and fit my rifle without any problems. This mount fits mounting blocks, so using it for a modern rifle scope will not be as simple as mounting a Picatinny rail and bolting on rings. I've found the Hi-Lux tech support guys to be helpful, so they could likely solve the dilemma of using a modern scope & rings with this mount. This mount works well for the Malcolm style scopes Hi-Lux sells.


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