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Hi-Lux Close to Medium Range Series (CMR1)

Hi-Lux doesn’t believe a true military grade tactical scope should be prohibitively expensive. Using the real world experience of Special Operations combat veterans, competition shooters and sportsman we developed our 1-4x24mm CMR (Close Medium Range). This highly flexible design offers great speed up close yet precision at longer distances. With a magnification range starting at 1x it allows a rifleman to keep both eyes open, like a red dot sight, during tactical situations or when hunting dangerous game. Increasing the magnification to 4x allows distant targets to be identified, ranged and engaged.

This combination of capabilities makes for a far more flexible and useful optic than competing red dot sights, fixed power scopes or larger and heavier designs. Built on a compact yet robust 30mm tube, the CMR doesn’t add unnecessary bulk or weight to your rifle. Due to this the CMR is the perfect match for tactical and hunting rifles. High quality fully multi-coated lenses are utilized to provide a clear and sharp image. Use in low light conditions hasn’t been overlooked and light transmission is the best in its class.

Other features include tough, wear resistant Perma-Coat soft luster blue-black finish, lenses polished to photographic quality, “Tri-Center” coil springs for positive windage and elevation adjustment, and a Fast Focus large diameter ocular lens. The Hi-Lux CMR scope offers exceptional performance at a shockingly affordable price.

CMR1 Manual [download]

Close to Medium Range (CMR)

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Hi-Lux CMR1 Rigle Scope
Solid, reticle is perfection
After 8 years, very impressed

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