Hi-Lux Uni-Dial 5X-30X56 Ballistic Turret Rifle Scope

Looking for a riflescope that compensates for bullet drop regardless of rifle and caliber with the turn of a dial? The Uni-Dial 5-30X56’s patented ballistic elevation turret has six colored markers which can be positioned to quickly reference up to 6 different distances. All you need is to know your Data of Previous Engagement or D.O.P.E. Once the turret has been set, the shooter will be able to hit targets by turning to the respective marker for that distance.

The Uni-Dial 5-30X was designed for the long range target shooter or hunter. With a 56mm objective and 34mm tube, the Uni-Dial 5-30X is a beast at light gathering. The HD Low Dispersion glass lenses produce a bright and crisp sight picture with true color fidelity, even in low light. The Second Focal Plane Mil Reticle clearly indicates every quarter Mil. All glass lenses in the UD530X56 are fully multi-coated with DiamondTuff14 for maximum light transmission. Nitrogen purging and rubber gasket seals guarantee fogproof performance in all temperatures and climates.

Uni-Dial 5-30X Rifle Scope Manual [download]
Reticle Color


Magnification: 5-30X

Objective Lens Diameter: 56mm

Eye Relief: 3.6"

Field of View: 23.6 - 4 ft @ 100 yards

Tube Size: 34mm

Length: 14.7"

Weight: 32 oz


The Uni-Dial 5-30X56 features a tool-less ballistic turret with six adjustable markers for various distances down range. Simply loosen the top screw to adjust the ballistic markers.

Uni-Dial 5-30X 34mm Rifle Scope

Mil Ranging Reticle

• The UD5-30 Ranging Reticle is a mil reticle.

• There is a hash mark to indicate every half and whole mRad subtension.

• Quarter mRad subtensions are indicated by 0.1 mRad openings/spaces.

• The fine 0.1 mRad subtensions on the left, upper and tight axes can be used for milling targets.

• The center opening above the center crosshair measures 0.25 mRad in height.

• Available in Red or Green Illumination.

• This reticle is accurate at 20X.

UD Mil Ranging Reticle

Customer Reviews

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3.75*. Good Light X-mitting ED lenses. Odd Turrets adjustments. Needs clearly defined aiming point.

The (ED) Extra Low Dispersion glass allows to user to see targets at 100m clearly. Transmits light well in low light settings even w/sunshade on. When 'fine tuning' the focus at 100yds, either edges or the center 80% are very clear, but not simultaneously. When in optimum focus in the center, the edge is still decent (vice versa). 'Coarse' adjustments on elevation turret [approx. 1/2 inch (0.45 inches/ 0.125 Milliradians/1-8th Mil) per click and includes a 'Zero Stop'. Elevation turret have many different colors to dots allowing one to set multiple "zeros" for different loads. The windage turret is the typical 1/10th Mil (~0.36 inches) but it's very frustrating. Once the windage turret's 'zero' is set, user is limited to only one rotation. On (8x) power at approximately (14 -15) yards bore sighting, I saw only (5) Mils of windage adjustment when windage turret was locked into zero. Ideally it should be (2.5) Mils left & (2.5) Mils right, but my scope was (3) Mils left and (2) Mils right. The feel on both turrets should be better for a 'precision optic' but they're better than some more expensive optics that were released to market around the same time as this model.

The most frustrating thing about this 2nd Focal Plane scope, possibly marketed to budget minded Benchrest, F-Class and possibly Extreme Long Range competitors, is that the center aiming point for "bull's eye" is a 'Void'. It leaves one to have to "bracket" a target area to achieve precise accuracy at high magnification. A full cross haired section (+), a dot/circle (O) is a must for a 2nd Focal Plane Scope. I initially didn't forsee the void being an issue until I started using it at (20x). The throw lever also interferes w/bolt manipulation (20x+). Lever location & Eye Relief are issues.

For every minus this scope has there's advantages it has over others near the price point. The illumination options are plentiful. I haven't done a box test. A more generous Eye Relief (4.2+" vs. 3.75") des...