Hi-Lux Close to Medium Range 1-8X24 Rifle Scope (CMR18X24)

When the situation demands up-close speed and precision, you require a scope purpose-built for such shooting scenarios, be it a tactical engagement or a big game safari. Settling for anything less could prove to be life threatening.

The CMR8 is equipped with our b-Dot Fiber Optic Illumination, which provides a true daylight-bright center dot that quickly draws the operator’s attention to the reticle’s center. For smooth transitions, the CMR8's lower magnification is meticulously calibrated to true 1X. This unique feature empowers the operator to shoot with both eyes open, maintaining target focus and enhancing situational awareness.

True to modern Hi-Lux standards, the CMR8 is constructed from a single piece of rugged aircraft-grade aluminum tube, with a type III hardcoat anodized finish for exceptional wear resistance. The optics feature fully multicoated lenses that maximize light transmission and deliver unparalleled clarity.

The low-profile turrets are carefully engineered to keep the operator's focus on the reticle while aligning sights. Moreover, these turrets are equipped with protective caps to prevent inadvertent adjustments.

The b-dot BDC reticle is calibrated for .223 and .308 and offers precise reference marks up to 600 yards with a 50/200 yard zero. Whether you're aiming at targets within close proximity or at a distance, the CMR8 proves to be an adaptable, all-purpose rifle scope that seamlessly integrates with your firearm.

CMR18X24 Scope Manual [download]

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Magnification: 1-8X

Objective Lens Diameter: 24mm

Eye Relief: 3.8"

Field of View: 119.3' - 15.7' @ 100 yards

Tube Size: 30mm

Length: 10.4"

Weight: 18.7oz

Exit Pupil: 10.5mm - 3.2mm

Adjustment Value: 1/2 MOA per click

True Daylight Bright Reticle

See the Light of Day

The CMR 1-8X features a crystal clear optical system with a true daylight bright center dot, naturally guiding the operator’s eyes to the aiming point.

True 1X magnification allows the operator to shoot with both eyes open, enhancing target acquisition and situational awareness. At 8X, the reticle BDCs can be used for quick yet accurate holdovers.

b-Dot BDC Reticle for .223 and .308 daylight bright

b-Dot BDC Reticle

  • Requires 50/200 Yard Zero
  • Calibrated for 5.56 NATO but will also work with heavier 308 Winchester Bullets
  • BDC Markers out to 600 Yards
  • Wind holds can be used as leads for moving targets
  • Reticle is True at 8X