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On the Ground to On Target : M1000-PRO

Taking the ART M1000-PRO From "On the Ground" to "On Target"

This was a fun one. Our goal for this test was to see if it was possible for the ART system to effectively compensate for trajectory even if we did not zero the scope at 200 yards.

Our Setup
1. Set the Cam according to the common cartridge chart in the manual or Quick Start Guide. 

2. Battle sight zero at 50 yards. In our case, we were shooting XM193 55gr 5.56 NATO. According to our dope data, we needed to be 0.8" low at 50 yards to approximate our 200 yard zero.

3. Shoot the 600 YD Challenge. Starting from 200 yards, we engage targets all the way out to 600 yards using only the cam for trajectory compensation. 

Our Comments
We wanted to see if it was possible to obtain center of mass hits with the ART scope with just a battlesight zero at 50 yards.

We were able to achieve hits all the way out to 600 yards (watch the perfect run at the end) with surplus XM193 5.56 FMJ ammo. From our experience, this ammo shoots about 2 MOA. Overall, the ART M1000-PRO functioned flawlessly. 

For the western hunter or long range plinker, the ART M1000-PRO eliminates trajectory from the [shooting] equation and enhances your first round hit percentages!

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