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Leatherwood ART M1000-PRO 2X-10X Riflescope

For the 50th anniversary of Jim Leatherwood’s legendary Automatic Ranging Trajectory (ART) scope, Hi-Lux introduces the redesigned the ART M1000-PRO. The original Auto-Ranging Telescope (ARTel) was issued to US Army and Marine Corp servicemen over 40 years ago. Since then, Hi-Lux has refined and improved the ART system’s general cam to compensate the bullet drop of virtually any caliber.

The ART scope’s integrated mount provides external adjustment through the Trajectory cam. Selecting the proper cam setting will effectively match your rifle’s trajectory curve to the curve of the trajectory cam.

There are two ways to automatically compensate for trajectory when using the ART scope:

1) Framing known sized targets within the HR1 reticle

2) Dialing the Cam to a known distance

Once the known size target is framed, the ART scope will automatically compensate for bullet trajectory from 200 out to 1000 yards. This means no holdover or guesswork.

The M1000-PRO Trajectory cam has been designed to be modular and interchangeable. Caliber specific cams will be introduced in the future.

M1000-PRO Manual [download]
ART Quick Setup Guide [download]

Automatic Ranging Trajectory

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