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Shoot FAST with the Leatherwood ART

Shoot FAST with the Leatherwood ART

A few weeks ago, we completed the 600 Yard Challenge at Angeles Shooting Range with the M1000-PRO using the Frame Aim Shoot Technique.

The Frame Aim Shoot Technique maximizes the capabilities of the Leatherwood ART scopes, allowing you to compensate for bullet drop without needing to know the distance to the target, dial any clicks or use holdovers. 

How does this work?

You see that big wheel on the back of the Leatherwood ART scopes? Yeah, we refer to that as the camputer. It is the mechanical computer that compensates for your bullet drop. 

In Auto/Range mode, the camputer is connected to the optical system/magnification. Framing the 18" target (or any known dimension) within the reticle enables the camputer to calculate the distance to the target and appropriate drop compensation (using optical relationships and complex math).

Fortunately for us shooters, no math is required! 

All we need to do is Frame, Aim and Shoot! It's that simple.

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