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Shooting the Malcolm 6X Two Tone Short Rifle Telescope

600 Yards with the Malcolm 6X Two Tone and Uberti Winchester 1885 High Wall

It was 1874 and the settlement of Adobe Walls were under siege by a force of Comanche, Kiowa and Plains Apache Indians. This combined force of Native Americans numbered over 1000, whereas, the settlement only had a group of 28 bison hunters.

Billy Dixon borrowed a "Big Fifty" Sharps rifle from a fellow hunter during the siege and demonstrated pinpoint accuracy at over 1500 yards. Understanding the range of the Sharps rifle, the Native Americans retreated and left the settlement alone.

If there are two things that we've learned over the last month of shooting these vintage rifles, is that 1) despite the old looks, these rifles are pretty darn capable and 2) it's a lot of fun to lob these big projectiles down range.

We are checking our DOPE out to 600 yards with the Winchester High Wall in .45-70 and our Malcolm 6X Two Tone Rifle Telescope. For those interested, we were shooting a 405 gr .45-70 caliber bullet at around 1330FPS.

The new click less micrometer mounts on the Malcolm 6X Two Tone rifle telescope functioned flawlessly. The adjustment value of each tick mark on the rear micrometer mount equal 1/4 MOA when the front and rear mounts are spaced 7.250" from center to center.

What I am most impressed by is that these big lead bullets are going transonic around 150 yards, but still making it out past 600 yards. We can actually see the lead bullet on the slow motion camera footage taken through the spotting scope.

Next milestone for this rifle and scope: 1000 yards.

PS: To the seasoned .45-70 shooters, how many MOA of adjustment would this require (at sea level and standard temperature and pressure)?

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