Malcolm 2.5X M82G2

By 1944, U.S. troops had been adequately armed with the M1 Garand, which had proven to be an excellent and reliable combat rifle. Efforts were then turned to transforming some of these rifles into sniper rifles - and the M1C was born. Since the Garand is a top eject semi-auto rifle, a mount was devised that off-set a scope enough to the left side of the receiver to allow empty cartridge cases to clear without hitting the scope.

There were two versions of M1C scopes - the M82 with a tapered post reticle, and the M81 with a cross-wire reticle. Primarily the M82 was used to turn select M1 Garand rifles into very effective longer range (600 to 800 yards) sniper rifles. However, some were also mounted on Remington Model 1903A4 Springfield pattern bolt-action .30/06 rifles. The scopes and rifles saw a limited amount of use as WW II wound down, but were called upon again for use during the Korean Conflict of the early 1950s. A few of the rifles also saw service in Vietnam during the 1960's.

Externally, our M82G2 scope is the spitting image of the original. Internally, this scope is far superior. Those improvements include high quality multi-coated lenses for superior light transmission and exceptional clarity. The M82G2 scope also offers more windage and elevation adjustment than the original. The Wm. Malcolm version provides a total of 80 MOA for both windage and elevation.

M82G2 Rifle Scope Manual [download]


Magnification: 2.5X

Objective Lens Diameter: 20mm

Eye Relief: 3.5"

Field of View: 32.5 ft @ 100 yards

Tube Size: 7/8"

Length: 11"

Weight: 12.9 oz

Wm. Malcolm M82

The riflescope chosen for the new M1C sniper rifle was the 7/8-inch tube 2.5x Lyman Alaskan - which was designated "TELESCOPE M82". The sporting versions of this riflescope had proven to be rugged, and capable of withstanding rough and tumble use in the wilds of Alaska, and to withstand the hard recoil of rifles with the firepower to put down a 1,000 pound grizzly.

M82 Post Reticle

Like the original Lyman Alaskan M82, the Wm. Malcolm M82G2 Rifle Scope comes with a Post Reticle.

3 Post Reticle

Customer Reviews

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Mark Jenkinson
M82G2 scope

Great product, solid with clear glass. I mounted on my 03A4, took a few rounds to zero and a pleasure to shoot. Keep up the good work

Ruben Ortiz
Great replica

Got my M82G2 sniper scope for Christmas. The scope feels solid and the glass is bright. The windage and elevation knobs feel very good, you can feel the clicks. Once I get it on my 03A3 I’ll be writing more about my results at the range.

Willy Réveillet
Amazing Team

Thanks To Christopher for his help, product is really good, I will do some shoot in begin january to valid item..
Shipment really fast and good.
Thanks for All Christopher !

George Toney

Malcolm 2.5X M82G2

Outstanding quality

In my opinion Hi Lux is the only company that makes vintage scopes that actually work! I have both the M73 and M82 scopes and they each stand up to a lot of use on my 1903a4 and M1d! I believe the scopes are made in China however the fit and finish is outstanding and the clarity of the glass is honestly on par with my ACOG.