Welcome to Hi-Lux Leatherwood Optics

We are Hi-Lux Leatherwood Optics, but you can call us Hi-Lux. 

For over 50 years, we’ve focused on one thing - hitting stuff really far away. 

History of the company

In 1969, a young Jim Leatherwood pioneered a new concept in the world of long distance optics. The automatic ranging telescope - known now as the ART scope. It was purpose-built and battle tested to give wartime snipers less stress and less variables to calculate. First round hits were the name of the game.

Since the inception of the Leatherwood CAMputer, we’ve done more than just expand its capabilities. We’ve brought Jim’s vision to bear on a wide lineup of optics.

The Scopes

In the ART scope, we’ve improved the original design, bringing it above and beyond its wartime specifications - now it reaches farther, offers independent control of magnification and adjustment, and even a single scope can be customized to multiple calibers and firing platforms. 

We apply the same ideas - of purpose-built designs, of constant improvement - and have carried it over into our vintage line.

In the world of competitive vintage shooting, we’ve developed a powerful design based on the historic Unertl and Lyman scopes. After requests and recommendations from competitors, we’ve gone on to recreate the rings - and now have ruggedly built, tactile-clicking competition mounts.

That same precision - minus the clicks - has made its way onto the Malcolm two-tone; a blend between the classic, brass-ended look of the Malcolm long scope and the precise functionality of the A5 replicas. It slides like a Unertl, mounts like a Malcolm, and shoots like it’s your rifle’s best friend.

Stepping ahead in time, we’ve developed a number of purpose-built scope lines. 

From Toby Bridge’s muzzleloader design, featuring easily used holdovers and a magnification range that fits the standard distance of a quality muzzleloader...

On to the PentaLux line, which features all the bells and whistles a competitive target shooter could need.

On the side of the hunter, we have streamlined scope designs that keep the clutter dialed down… and sometimes farther away, as in the dedicated Long Eye Relief scout scope. 

And let’s not forget the tactical shooters, looking for enormous versatility in a compact design - our CMR line, for those close to medium range situations.

Where you might have seen our scopes 

You may have seen us at CMP competitions, talking with competitors and getting ready for our own staff to compete. You might see us at a SASS competition, with scopes designed to give that centuries-old look to clear, modern glass. Whether you’re a fan of history, Hollywood, or high-powered rifles, we’ve got scopes that do more than look perfect - they’re perfect for helping you look.

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