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Leatherwood ART X-BOW Crossbow Scope

Leatherwood ART X-BOW Features

Revolutionary Single Pin System for Crossbows

The legendary Leatherwood ART system has been adapted for use on modern crossbows.

Leatherwood ART X-BOW 1-4X24 Ranging on the Calibration Ring

Built In Range Finder - No Batteries Required

Using the Frame Aim Shoot Technique (FAST), the ART X-BOW will simultaneously range the target and compensate for your bolt's trajectory. Use the Eyepiece Indicator Arrow to read the distance.

Leatherwood ART X-BOW 1-4X24 Crossbow

No Need to Use Holdovers - Clean Reticle

Using holdovers obscures the sight picture and degrades the optical clarity when looking through the scope.

With the Frame Aim Shoot Technique (FAST), the ART X-BOW will compensate for your bolt's trajectory out to the target.

Leatherwood ART X-BOW 1-4X24 Crossbow Scope Aculeus Scorpyd

Compatible with Crossbows with Speeds from 310-450 FPS

The ART X-BOW features an extremely accurate cam that can be calibrated to point of aim - point of impact for modern crossbows.

The speed used in the cam setting chart is based on the actual chronographed speed of the bolt (NOT MANUFACTURER'S SPEED RATING).

The ART X-BOW 1-4X24 Crossbow Scope retails for $415.

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