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On The Ground to On Target : ART M1200-XLR

On the Ground to On Target : Leatherwood ART M1200-XLR Quick Start Follow Along

The Universe sometimes does strange things.

We were planning to do a follow along quickstart video for our M1200-XLR like our M1000-PRO but got too excited with shooting .45/70 with our Malcolm Vintage Rifle Telescopes.

This week, we get a few calls asking when we were going to have a follow along video. Makes me think that our office is bugged.. All kidding aside, this was a fun one to shoot! (pun intended)

For the quick start video, we take a new M1200-XLR scope out of the box, set the cam, zeroed in at 50 YARDS and get it on to target at 600 yards (the maximum distance at Angeles Shooting Ranges).

Before we get started, I wanted to address a frequently asked question for the M1200-XLR. "I think in yards, not meters, can I calibrate the M1200-XLR for yards instead of meters?"

The answer is a resounding YES! You will just need to set the appropriate cam setting for your DOPE from 300 yards to 1200 yards.

Another question that we get a lot is "I don't have access to a 300 yard range. Can I still get the M1200-XLR set up?"

The answer is also YES! We can use our ballistic calculator to determine how high we need to be at 50 yards to approximate the 300 yard zero.

Federal Gold Medal Match 175 gr 308 2650 FPS

The bullet will pass the line of the bore twice - Once at the First Zero (on the way up) and Once at the Second Zero (on the way down).

At 50 Yards, we need to be 1.3" high from our point of aim to approximate the 300 yard zero.

With a quick zero and the proper cam setting, the ART M1200-XLR will now compensate for bullet drop out to 1200 yards. Simple as that!

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