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Leatherwood Uni-Dial - Designed For The Serious Long Range Rifleman

Here is a scope that allows the shooter to fully harness the trajectory of an accurate center-fire rifle - at all ranges within the ballistics capability of the cartridge being shot.

The Leatherwood Uni-Dial  is a scope of conventional design, built with a very unique feature.  This exceptional rifle scope can be programmed for the zero to be "on" at ten different points down range.  The elevation turret features a series of (10) moveable flags, or indicators, and each can be sighted for the rifle to be "on" at different ranges. 

Once a flag has been can be locked in place.  To take a shot at that distance, all the shooter has to do is turn the turret until the flag for that range aligns with an index mark at the base of the turret.  It's that easy. This scope is ideal for the long range varmint shooter, who may suddenly find himself faced with a 500 yard shot at a coyote, then another just as suddenly pops up at 300 yards. 

Many shooters of the past would have simply tried to figure a different hold, or would add or subtract a number of clicks on the elevation turret.  With the Uni-Dial, it becomes simply a matter of turning the elevation turret in the right direction to the pre-determined, or programmed, range indicator.

Some Uni-Dial models also feature our "No Math Mil-Dot" ranging reticle.  All a shooter has to do is zoom the magnification range up or down until an object of known size (18 inches or 1 meter) fits between the proper brackets incorporated into the reticle...then look at the range indicated on the magnification ring.  The elevation turret is then turned to the proper flag, and the shooter takes the shot. 

One full turn of the elevation or windage  turret gives 40 MOA adjustment.  Once set, the windage adjustment can also be locked in place, leaving the shooter 7 MOA of adjustment in either direction for tweaking point of impact for those long range shots on a breezy day.

The Leatherwood Uni-Dial models are built with all of the quality, craftsmanship and features that distinguish every Hi-Lux Optics rifle scope.  All lenses are polished to photographic quality, then every air surface is fully multi -coated to insure a bright, clear and sharp sight picture.  Other features include our Tri-Center coil spring tension on the erector tube for positive click adjustment and a Fast-Focus eye-piece for easy multi shooter use.  

Offered in three magnification ranges.  The 2.5-10x44mm model comes with  1-inch diameter tube and retails for $120.  The 4-16x50mm and  5-30x56mm Uni-Dial models are built with a 30mm tube and feature handy Top-Angle Focus parallax adjustment.

Like all Hi-Lux Optics rifle scopes, the Uni-Dial models come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For more information on this series, click here.

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April 19, 2021

Over the last 17 years I have accumulated quite a few Hi-Lux Scopes and none have disappointed me and the quality improves constantly. Primarily I have Uni-Dials, from 2.5X -10X up to 7x – 30X, my favorite being the 4X – 16X green MLR. On my ARs I can see exactly where my missed shots went. For .257 Roberts, 7-08, .22Hornet and other small hunting calibers I use the 2.5X – 10X. With ten zeroes no re-zeroing is ever necessary. I keep a Sierra ballistics chart for each of my favorite loads with each gun, use the reticle for quick range-finding (I have a 1500 yard electric), which is q

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