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Leatherwood Hi-Lux

Rimfire cases have the priming compound built into the case - specifically, around the inside of the rim. The firing pin of a rimfire rifle hits the rim of the case instead of the center. They do not have a separate priming cap at the middle of the head.
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The rim protrudes around the circumference of the head of the case, and is not technically a separate component of the case. I list it separately here because of the unique functions it provides. It is where the rifle’s extractor grabs the spent case to pull it from the chamber.
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Cases come in many sizes, but only two general shapes: bottlenecked and straight walled.
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The case is the part of the cartridge that holds all the other components together. Before we talk about all the things that will be stuffed into it, it’s a good idea to know where the stuffing happens! The case is also known as the brass.
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