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Wm. Malcolm 6X Long Rifle Telescope - Rear Mount Installation



In this video, we will be installing the Rear Mount for the Malcolm 6X Long Rifle Telescope on a Uberti 1885 High Wall with a 30” Octagon Barrel.

If you want to mount the Malcolm Long Rifle Telescope on a rifle that has a round barrel, you will need to purchase the round barrel offset mount

First , Slide the Dovetail Block into the Rear Dovetail. If your rifle has a rear tang sight installed, you will need to remove it. The standard scope package comes with a 3/8” dovetail. Some manufacturers have different dovetail block sizes.

Side Note:

1) Some rifles have varying dovetail block sizes. Pedersoli 3/8” (older Pedersoli ½”), Chiappa/Armi Sports 5/8”, C Sharps/Shiloh Sharps .486”

2)  There may be some tolerances in the dovetail size on the rifle. You may need to hand file the db block to get it to fit in the dovetail.

Once the dovetail block has been positioned, you will need to tighten the dovetail block screws.

Next, Place the heavy duty base on top of the dovetail block and barrel. The Heavy Duty Base has 3 holes. 

We recommend that you drill and tap at least 2 holes to secure the heavy duty base to your rifle. We recommend using 8-40 screws. The depth of the tap depends on the thickness of your barrel. 

Some rifles such as the modern Pedersoli 1874 Sharps already have holes predrilled in the barrel. 

After the heavy duty base has been properly secured to the rifle barrel, place the flat spring convex on the heavy duty base.

Then, place the Rabbit Ears Bracket on the flat spring. The Rabbit Ears bracket has a vernier scale on the left post and should be facing backwards towards the stock.

Next, place the windage plate in between the windage screws. Feed the screws through the lined up holes on the windage plate and tighten.

Next, tighten the windage knobs to finger tight.

Out of the box, your Malcolm long rifle telescope should have the rear scope block installed. If it has not been installed, you will need to remove the eyepiece and the eyepiece lock ring to slide the scope block. You can adjust the position of this block to match your eye relief.]

The crossbolt goes through the left side of the rabbit ear bracket, through the hole in the scope block. Make sure to slide on the flat washer and split washer prior to tightening the elevation knob.

The tube locking collar should be installed behind the rear scope block in an upside down “L”. This will prevent the scope from shifting under recoil. 

Note: If you are shooting heavy loads such as .45/90 or .45/110, you will likely need to install another TLC in front of the scope block. The L portion of the TLC will be touching the front of the scope block.

1 Response

Tim Nordstrom

Tim Nordstrom

March 02, 2022

I need to replace standard front ring Malcolm long scope. In the catalog here there are taller rings to be had. Nothing on the stock front ring. If you could send me stock# and price I would order that standard front ring.

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