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Vintage Style Wm. Malcolm Scope & .45-70 Winchester High Wall Prove To Be Strong Medicine For South Dakota Buffalo!

"Thanks for making this fine old product that adds much to the enjoyment of shooting." Jim Joy Columbia, MO 

Jim and three of his life long friends booked a buffalo hunt on the Triple U Ranch near Fort Pierre, South Dakota. It was their way of celebrating turning 65. He says it was great fun. The other three all relied on lever-action .45-70 rifles. Jim had stumbled on the Browning .45-70 copy of a Winchester High Wall in the above photo at a gun show in his hometown of Columbia, MO - and he just knew it was the gun to use for taking his bufalo.

Jim shares, "The older I get...the more I like scopes...but didn't think a modern scope would be appropriate." He bought the Wm. Malcolm 3x short rifle telescope from MidwayUSA, and took his buffalo at just 50 yards. Jim was shooting Buffalo Bore P+ ammo, with a 405-grain bullet. He found the bull in the scope as it ran past, placing the shot through the base of the skull. Jim...the scope...and the rifle were right on target - and the bull went down to a single shot. He says, "When I show off my big buffalo, most will write back and ask about the rifle and scope. Just fun to look at."

The great thing about the short 3x and 6x Malcolm scopes is that they do indeed look right at home on a wide range of rifles that were produced from the late 1870s well into the 1940s.

Hi-Lux Optics offers a variety of mounts that make it easier to install the scope on a number of very popular models dating from that period. The scopes do come with a set of standard base blocks, that with professional gunsmith drilling and tapping can also be mounted right on many round or octagonal barrels. These 3/4-inch diameter steel tube scopes have not been built just to look right. They are precision sighting systems, built with modern multi-coated lenses that make them far brighter than the originals they copy.

Each scope is nitrogen filled to prevent fogging, and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. If you have a Model 1873/76 Winchester...a Remington Rolling Block...a fine old Stevens single shot...a Winchester Model 52 Target or Sporter Model...a rifle like Jim's...or any of dozens of other vintage rifle models and need optics to enjoy shooting it - THIS IS THE SCOPE FOR YOU.

Check out the Wm. Malcolm line of vintage riflescopes on the Hi-Lux Optics website here.

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November 28, 2023

Oh hello, I have a Taylor& Co 1870 model lever action and I was hoping I could get a scope that is offset so I can use the iron sights and then the scope on longer shots and your post seemed pretty interesting. I’d like to hear about the process and the prices

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