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Torque Settings for Malcolm Vintage Sniper Competition Mounts

The Wm. Malcolm Vintage Rifle Telescopes are reproductions of the originals with modern lens coatings and manufacturing processes.

Because we've kept true to original designs, there are additional things to check for to ensure everything is working properly.

For the Malcolm Vintage Sniper Competition mounts, the recommended torque setting for the top screw is 6-7 in-lbs of torque.

Please be aware - if you do not tighten the screw enough, the turret may not 'click' properly. If that's the case, just tighten it a little more. We find that finger tight works just fine - about 6 or 7 inch/pounds. Test the tension by trying to click the turret clockwise and counterclockwise.

If you happen to back the turret all the way out (until the top cap screw unscrews itself), just tighten the screw back in and turn the turret again.

TL;DR Tighten the top screw to 6-7 in lbs using a torque screw driver.

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David Hanifen

David Hanifen

January 18, 2021

Are Malcolm vintage scopes available? If so, price? I have Lyman and Unertl target scopes now, what are the primary differences between those and the Malcolm vintage short scopes?

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