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The Hi-Lux Optics LER Scout Scope - Specifically Designed for Today's Scout Rifles

Gun writer Jeff Cooper has been rightfully credited with popularizing the "Scout Rifle" concept, thanks to his coverage of such rifles through the 1980s. Rifles of that type have been around for decades, in a variety of short and fast handling bolt-action, semi-auto and even lever-action models that can deliver a high rate of fire, and which can be quickly reloaded - yet still offer a dependable degree of accuracy. Scout rifle shooters looking to fully tap that capability are turning to low magnification scopes mounted forward of the receiver.

One of the best scopes available today for rifles of this type is the Hi-Lux Optics 2-7x32mm LER Scout. This scope has been specifically designed for being mounted in just this fashion. The LER Scout is not a handgun scope. Depending on the magnification setting, the workable eye relief of this scope is approximately 8 to 13 inches, which puts it mounted in front of the receiver.

With the LER Scout magnification turned down to the lowest 2x setting, a hunter following wounded game can hold the rifle in the ready position, and when the target suddenly appears at close range, just snapping the rifle up to the shoulder will generally put the reticle on the target. A rifle in a popular caliber such as .308 Winchester can still deliver the accuracy and performance needed for shots out to and past 200 yards - and the LER Scout offers the higher magnification often needed to precisely place those longer range shots.

The LER Scout is ideal for whenever a scope must be mounted forward - whether the shooter is assembling his or her own Scout Rifle...or perhaps when mounting the scope on a top-ejection lever action rifle, or even to set clear of the hammer on a traditionally styled muzzleloading big game rifle.

This scope is built with a high tensile strength one-piece aluminum tube and the lenses have been fully multi-coated to insure a clear, bright and sharp sight picture. Shooters can choose between a standard fine duplex reticle or .308 BDC reticle.

A Fast Focus eye-piece allows easy multi-shooter use, and the 1/4" click windage and elevation adjustment is crisp and positive. The Hi-Lux Optics LER Scout retails for $147 and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Read more about the scope here.

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January 18, 2021

When I was in the market for a scout scope I did a google search you didn’t come up? Looks like you have a great product?

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