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In 1968, the 9th Infantry Division in the US Army officially began their Sniper Training and Employment. During the last two days of the course, recruits were to complete the qualification firing. 

We decided to try our own version of this ART qualification. To make things interesting, we put the M1000-PRO against our PentaLux TAC-VF 4-20X50 FFP scope. Additionally, we added a shot timer for induced stress. 

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To commemorate the launch of the new Leatherwood M1000-PRO rifle scope, we decided to test the Practical Accuracy of the M1000-PRO out to my rifle and ammo's maximum effective range. 
One of the things that made the M21 a successful sniping system during the Vietnam War was the ultra-simplistic means of range estimation that would also automatically adjust the scope for ballistic drop at whatever range the scope estimated the target to be at.