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Old School Technology Meets New School Performance...

When it comes to recreating older style rifle scopes from the past, Hi-Lux Optics has done an outstanding job of maintaining the "Old School" look, while also incorporating modern up-to-date optics and internal construction to make the company's contemporary copies of older rifle optics far superior to the originals.  One such "re-introduction" that has gotten a lot of attention, especially from "Old School" Marines, has been the re-make of the M40 USMC sniper scope - the original of which dates from the Vietnam era.  

The finished reproduction has proven to be a far better scope than the orignal, which was produced by Redfield back in the 1960's.  That green anodized model has certainly been an eye catcher at major shows, such as the SHOT Show and the NRA Show. 

Many "Old School" shooters who have admired how well the company recaptured the look of the original, and the vastly improved optics of the new-made version, repeatedly suggested that a "Hunter" model version also be offered - still incorporating the simple, but accurate built-in ranging system.  Hi-Lux listened, and introduced the matte black model known as the M40 Tactical Hunter.  This model even features a BDC reticle, with hold-over marks that allow more precise long range shot placement - out to 600 yards. Writer Timothy Yan decided to see how well this "Old School" technology would perform when mounted on a current "State-of-the-Art" AR style rifle. Here's a look at his findings

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