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HI-LUX/LEATHERWOOD CMR4 1-4x24 Scope Review

Where most optics are designed around a single duplex reticle with a “best ballistic compromise” zeroing point (usually 300 yards for AR15s), a BDC reticle like the one on the Hi-Lux CMR4 greatly increases precision at all ranges. For example, an AR15 zero’ed to 200 yards delivers a bullet path that will vary approximately 1.5” high at 100 and only 1.5” low at 225 yards and a 300 yard zero will get you out further, however the bullet path will vary considerably more up to 4.5” high at 200 yards to 12” low at 400 yards. The BDC reticles offer more precise pre-calibrated aiming points than a single duplex reticle and offer you most precise shot placement at all distances. The CMR4 BDC is designed around the ballistics of the 55 gr ballistic tipped Hornady TAP round however I found that most other 55 gr rounds matched the BDC marks well at 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 hash marks and provided a hit and satisfying gong ring at each distance.

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