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12,000 Rounds - And Still Delivering M.O.A. Accuracy!

CVA Accura MR - 1 TBML muzzleloader Hi-Lux

 See that scope above...that is the very first of the Hi-Lux Optics TB-ML scopes produced with the matte silver finish.  I first put the scope on a rifle back in 2008, on one of Knight's .50 caliber Long Range Hunter models.  

Since then, the scope has found a spot on at least a dozen other residing atop of our CVA Accura MR test rifle shown in the photo above.  Our goal is to keep using this scope as long as we possibly can ... to see at what point it no longer helps us tap the accuracy of the rifles and loads we are continually testing.  Here's a look at some of the rifles this scope has spent some time on...

This past week, this particular Hi-Lux Optics TB-ML scope, with a bullet drop compensating BDC reticle, surpassed having 12,000 rounds fired under it.  These weren't low recoiling target loads either, but rather stiff hunting loads.  Easily 75-percent of the shots fired under this scope were with my favorite hunting load - 110-grains of Blackhorn 209 and the Harvester Muzzleloading saboted 300-grain Scorpion PT Gold.  

Depending on what rifle the scope was on, these loads would produce velocities from around 1,950 f.p.s. to 2,015 f.p.s. (depending on barrel length).  The energy levels produced ranged from around 2,530 f.p.e. to around 2,710.     On occassion, I would take charges up from there to see where accuracy would diminish...that's why they call it "testing".  When working with a prototype of the Knight .50 caliber Mountaineerback in 2009, I actually walked charges all the way up to 150-grains of Blackhorn 209...which would get the 300-grain Scorpion PT Gold out of the muzzle at around 2,200 f.p.s. (with more than 3,200 f.p.e.).  Recoil was horrendous.  

Still the scope withstood the punishment, and continued to produce M.O.A. quality accuracy...and often sub M.O.A. accuracy. 

Since 2008, this scope has been on modern in-line muzzleloading rifles that have harvested at least 30 deer ... and combined with the accuracy of the rifle and the punch of the load ... all were one-shot kills.

This particular TB-ML scope has also been used in three of NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING's annual "50 Consecutive Shot Tests", placing 50 shots on the same target - and the resulting 100-yard groups have ranged from 1.2" to 1.6".  Now, this scope is aboard another new test rifle...the 416 stainless steel CVA Accura MR shown at the top of this post.  About this time next year, we should be able to report how this same scope has held up as it surpassed the 13,000 round mark. My bet is on the scope still being as precise as ever!

If you are looking for a great scope for your modern in-line rifle, you owe it to yourself to take a very good look at the TB-ML scope from Hi-Lux Optics.  

The performance of the scope featured here is a great indication of the service and accuracy you'll enjoy for years to come.  Fact is, you can spend one heck of a lot more money to buy another brand of muzzleloader hunting scope...but you simply cannot buy a better scope for your modern in-line rifle.  This isn't just sales hype ... it's an ongoing observation ... now more than ten years in the making. - Toby Bridges, NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING

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