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Mounting the Malcolm Short Rifle Telescopes

For those of you looking to mount a vintage period correct rifle telescope to your rifle, you're in luck!

Follow along with us as we mount the Malcolm 6X Two Tone Rifle Telescope on our Uberti Winchester 1885 High Wall in 45-70.

Our Malcolm short rifle telescopes are the modern reproduction of the Winchester A5 scopes.

Vintage design on the exterior with modern super bright lenses on the inside.

The Malcolm 3X and 6X Short Rifle Telescopes use posa cut bases, where as the Malcolm 6X Two Tone Rifle Telescope uses crescent cut bases.

To get the 1/4 MOA adjustment per index on the rear mount, you will need to space the front and rear mounts 7.250" from center to center.

We also sell undrilled bases with flat bottom that you can drill to match any existing holes on your octagon barrel.

3 Responses



May 08, 2024

“Lets go ahead” lol

Mark sperber

Mark sperber

March 02, 2022

I have a Stevens favorite 22 cal and I see a easy mounting on YouTube a Henry 22 and I was hoping it would work on my Stevens , it has the octagon barrel any help would be appreciated, Thanks

Daniel Barbeau

Daniel Barbeau

November 30, 2020

You mentioned in your video that the two-tone scope was a prototype. When will it be available?

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