Leatherwood ART M1000-PRO 2X-10X42 Rifle Scope

For the 50th anniversary of Jim Leatherwood’s legendary Automatic Ranging Trajectory (ART) scope, Hi-Lux introduces the redesigned ART M1000-PRO. The original Auto-Ranging Telescope (ARTel) was issued to US Army and Marine Corp servicemen over 40 years ago. Since then, Hi-Lux has refined and improved the ART system’s general cam to compensate the bullet drop of virtually any caliber.

The ART scope’s integrated mount provides external adjustment through the Trajectory cam. Selecting the proper cam setting will effectively match your rifle’s trajectory curve to the curve of the trajectory cam.

There are two ways to automatically compensate for trajectory when using the ART scope:

1) Framing known sized targets within the HR1 reticle

2) Dialing the Cam to a known distance

Once the known size target is framed, the ART scope will automatically compensate for bullet trajectory from 200 out to 1000 yards. This means no holdover or guesswork.

The M1000-PRO Trajectory cam has been designed to be modular and interchangeable. Caliber specific cams will be introduced in the future.

ART Quick Setup Guide [download]
Reticle Color


Magnification: 2-10X

Objective Lens Diameter: 42mm

Eye Relief: 3.5"

Field of View: 54' -12'  ft @ 100 yards

Tube Size: 30mm

Length: 12"

Weight: 32 oz

Automatic Ranging Trajectory

The Automatic Ranging Trajectory (ART) System was invented and designed by Jim Leatherwood for military snipers in Vietnam during the late 1960s. By using the incrementally adjustable trajectory cam, the new Leatherwood ART scopes can be calibrated for virtually any center fire cartridge from .223 to .50BMG.

Leatherwood M1000-PRO gemtech suppressor


• The center of the HR1 reticle has a 2 MOA by 2 MOA cross.

• The opening in the center of the HR1 can be used to frame known size targets that are 18" or 36".

• Every hashmark on the vertical and horizontal scales indicate a whole MOA subtension.

• There are 2 MOA tick-marks that indicates multiples of 5 MOA on both the horizontal and vertical scales.

• The ends of the horizontal and vertical axes are indicated by a 4 MOA tick-mark.

• The ranging scale in the lower right quadrant can be used to frame and range known sized targets from 9"-72" in length or height.

• This reticle is true at 10X.

HR1 MOA Reticle

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nick Mendoza
One Serious Optic!!

This is one substantial piece of hardware! I can't get over how well designed, engineered and built this optic is. This is definitely not your run of the mill deer-hunting scope which was more than evident the moment I pulled it out of its packaging. At its price, this is an absolute steal for what you are getting. I absolutely urge anyone in the market for a precision optic to hit y'all up. Hi-Lux/Leatherwood, y'all are easily the best-kept secret in the optics world.

Carl Taylor
Don't know why I waited so long...

I own several M1A rifles and I've always wanted to put a Leatherwood M-1000 on one. I went ahead and purchased this scope and was extremely happy when it showed up to see how clear the glass was in this optic. As good as most high end scopes. The best part was the ART system in use. Sighting in was easy as any other scope, but with a quick reference to the caliber chart and shooting NATO ammo, dialed in the system, drove back to 300 Yards and it was SPOT ON! I'm confident that this rifle will hit what I'm aiming at between 100-700 yards. I'm actually looking to purchase another one. Just saying...

Vergil Spragis
Just as deadly now as it was then!!!

If you follow the instructions to the letter. And if you use quality ammo. 500 yards is child's play. You will definitely know where your extra money went. Mine is mounted on a AR 10 with 24 inch stainless steel bull barrel 1:10 twist. Impressed the hell out of my friends with the Sheriff's Department SWAT TEAM at the range. I'd put it up against any zeiss on the market. Worth every penny!!!!

Shannon Mccullough

Awesome scope

Rick A Bernardi

I have this Scope on an AR-15 with a 24" barrel 1:8 twist. Its an awesome scope ringing steel out to 1000 meters with 5.56 / .223 77grain match ammo. Killing Hogs in Low light with the lighted reticle.My First scope as a Sniper was an ART 1 Leatherwood design mounted on my issue M-21 Sniper Rifle .This is one big Improvement in the ART Sniper scope .If you have a tactical 5.56 / .223 rifle set up for precision YOU need this scope.