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Hi-Lux Top Angle 7-30X50 MOA

The needs of left handed shooters are neglected in today’s optical market. Typically, adjusting parallax forces left handed shooters to remove their dominant hand off the trigger to adjust the side parallax knob on the left. Where as a right handed shooter would not have any problem using his or her left hand, adjusting left side parallax is not ergonomic for left-handed shooters. The TOP-ANGLE Series is our solution to this dilemma; by placing the parallax adjustment at a 45 degree angle from the vertical, left and right hand dominant shooters can ambidextrously adjust parallax using their off hand.

The newly redesigned Top Angle 7-30X50 features a precision MOA reticle that is ideal for Benchrest, or long range target shooting. This scope has a total of 70 MOA of elevation and windage adjustment from optical center. With 1/4 minute elevation and windage adjustments, shooters are able to precisely tune their point of impact and transform their rifle into a long range tack-driver.

Searching for a tool to help you dominate F-class benchrest competition? Look no further - you've found it here!

Top Angle 7X-30X Rifle Scope Manual [download]

Top Angle Parallax

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HI-LUX 7-30×50
Glass Quality right up there with Swarovski
Hi-Lux Top Angle 7-30x50 for the first time in Croatia

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