Leatherwood ART M1200 6X-24X50 Rifle Scope

Thanks to a larger and completely re-engineered CAMputer system, the M1200 ART-XLR can now be calibrated to the majority of today’s center-fire rifles – chambered for cartridges from as small as the .223 Remington up to the hard hitting .50 BMG. As long as the shooter knows the bullet ballistic coefficient and the muzzle velocity, this scope can be calibrated for more than 75-percent of today’s most widely used calibers and rifles to automatically keep hits in the center of mass from 300 to 1,200 meters – or within the capability of the bullet and load.

To operate this scope, all the shooter has to do is zoom in on a target of known size until it fits inside the brackets of the ranging reticle…steady the aim…and take the shot. The CAMputer system automatically compensates for bullet trajectory as the shooter frames the known size target in the reticle.

M1200-XLR Manual [download]
Hornady Match Ammo Initial CAM Settings Chart [download]
ART Quick Setup Guide [download]
Leatherwood ART Scope Training Page

Illuminated Reticle Color


Magnification: 6-24X

Objective Lens Diameter: 50mm

Eye Relief: 3.75"

Field of View: 12' - 4'  ft @ 100 yards

Tube Size: 30mm

Length: 15.5"

Weight: 32 oz

Automatic Ranging Trajectory (ART)

The Automatic Ranging Trajectory (ART) System was invented and designed by Jim Leatherwood for military snipers in Vietnam during the late 1960s. By using the incrementally adjustable trajectory cam, the new Leatherwood ART scopes can be calibrated for virtually any center fire cartridge from .223 to .50BMG.

Hi-Lux M1200-XLR on AR 15

XLR Reticle

• The XLR reticle is a second focal plane mRad reticle.

• The center dot is 1/2 MOA.

• Every whole mil and half mil are indicated by tick marks on the axes.

• The opening at the center of the reticle can be used to frame and range a known 1/2 meter sized target.

• Additionally, there are ranging scales that can be used to frame known sized targets by adjusting the magnification.

• The XLR reticle is true at 20X.

XLR Ranging Reticle

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Erich Grössl
Leatherwood ART M1200 6X-24X50

A very good rifle scope
Very well processed, great optics and setting options. Looks on my M1A Super Match

Giuliano Bocus
Very interesting

It's mounted on a M1A National Match, but I have yet to try it

Alan Zobrist
Service was great

Just received Springfield M1a m21 yesterday, have not mounted nor shot yet. Very well designed scope very excited to use.

Jeffrey Smith
On Mounting MY New Leatherwood ART M1200 6X-24X Riflescope

I am truly impressed with MY new Leatherwood ART M1200 6X-24X Riflescope.
Using some pillows and care, over a bunk for stabilization, of top heaviness, sliding the Leatherwood ART M1200 6X-24X Riflescope along the rail mount until adequate eye relief and having the scope mount fall into place so that the scope sits level on the rail mount; required no tools and a thumb and fore finger snug down of the Leatherwood ART M1200 6X-24X Riflescope scope mount thumbscrews.
Once the Leatherwood ART M1200 6X-24X Riflescope was lightly mounted on platform then inspection and familizarization, comparison and contrast with the optical, mechanical analog computer i.e. the Leatherwood ART M1200 6X-24X Riflescope and it's included documentation.
In terms of eye ball inspection and heft in hand MY Leatherwood ART M1200 6X-24X Riflescope appears rugged and built to last.
Reading and following the provided manual, it is possible to research and calculate the trajectory for the platform's projectile. This information allows one to set the Leatherwood ART M1200 6X-24X Riflescope's cam setting which seems to be an elevation angle specific to the projectile's trajectory table. This is important and the manual's instruction's should be followed to get the most precision possible.
With a spot on the wall, a known distance from the barrel's end; using a laser bore site one can center the cross hairs on the spot above or below according to the known distance from the end of the barrel to the spot and the trajectory table, researched and calculated to the platform's projectile.
In the dark, with the laser bore site aiming at a post at the approximate distance for the calibrated zero then the Leatherwood ART M1200 6X-24X Riflescope's one half MOA center dot and the bore site light should be one to one and onto. At this point one should be on target and ready for fine tuning.
The reticle is wonderful.
Optical clarity and low light visibility are impressive.
So far, expectations have been met and/or exceeded.

Rick A Bernardi

I am a U.S.ARMY Retired Combat Infantryman Sniper .I was first introduced to the ART 1 3x9 Redfield Leatherwood design scope at the AMTU Sniper School 101st Airborne Div in the 1970's .I have this M1200 Scope on my AR-10 .308 Rifle its a big improvement over the old ART 1 with many features to help you hit your target with phenomenal accuracy .If you shoot a tactical rifle or competition long range You will need this scope .I would like to thank Christopher WU and Culbreth Leatherwood for improving the late Jim Leatherwoods Design of the ART Scope and marketing it at a reasonable price. The Hi-Lux Leatherwood M1200 ART Scope I would have no problem taking it into battle in a moments notice .At the range ringing steel at 1200 yards or in the woods hunting making that long shot count on big game with the snipers ethos in mind "ONE SHOT ONE KILL " be it semi Auto Rifle or Bolt action rifle this scope is for you.