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Leatherwood ART M1200 6X-24X Riflescope

Thanks to a larger and completely re-engineered CAMputer system, the M1200 ART-XLR can now be calibrated to the majority of today’s center-fire rifles – chambered for cartridges from as small as the .223 Remington up to the hard hitting .50 BMG. As long as the shooter knows the bullet ballistic coefficient and the muzzle velocity, this scope can be calibrated for more than 75-percent of today’s most widely used calibers and rifles to automatically keep hits in the center of mass from 300 to 1,200 meters – or within the capability of the bullet and load.

To operate this scope, all the shooter has to do is zoom in on a target of known size until it fits inside the brackets of the ranging reticle…steady the aim…and take the shot. The CAMputer system automatically compensates for bullet trajectory as the shooter frames the known size target in the reticle.

M1200-XLR Manual [download]
Hornady Match Ammo Initial CAM Settings Chart [download]
ART Quick Setup Guide [download]

Automatic Ranging Trajectory (ART)

Customer Reviews

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m1200 is everything advertised and more.

I purchased this optic about 2 years ago and it has been exceptional. It is mounted on a .308 long range precision bolt rifle, and I have had no issues with it... once I got the elevation and cam set for my ammo correctly which was a little tedious for my liking...but WELL worth the time. Being able to separate the cam and the "zoom" rings for higher or lower magnification at any range setting is great. It allows for 100% positive target ID at max magnification, then back off of the magnification to stabilize the image but also knowing that the ballistic drop is set for the range to target especially when shooting out to over 800 meters.

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