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Rebuilding the Winchester 1885 High Wall (Uberti)

Have you ever taken something apart and forgotten how to put it back together?

Well, we did one worse. We lost some parts in the process...

We were at the 2018 SHOT Show and we brought our Uberti Winchester 1885 High Wall as a display rifle. Due to show rules, we had to pull out the firing pin.

In the mayhem known as SHOT Show, we misplaced the spring and the firing pin.

Fast forward 2 years, we've decided that we wanted to shoot this rifle again. Fortunately, we've found the exploded diagram for the Uberti High Wall.

We ordered the parts that we needed from Taylors and Co. With some painstaking attention to detail and effort, we were able to put the firing pin back in.

Follow along with us as we rebuild/reassemble the Uberti Winchester 1885 High Wall.

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