Leatherwood SPG 6-24X44MD Rifle Scope

Designed with feedback from military servicemen. Leatherwood ART Scopes first saw action in Vietnam, and then in every conflict up through Iraq and Afghanistan. It's seen on the rifles of U.S. snipers behind enemy lines, taking the fight to the enemy and protecting their fellow warriors from oncoming threats. Your mission might not be as vital as a sniper's. Maybe your mission is just a target down on the 500-yard line at the range. Maybe your mission is only a massive once-in-a-lifetime 12-point buck wandering into your shooting lane. No matter what, this Scope is ready for your mission.

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This Scope is tested to resist up to 1,200 G's of force. Little caliber. Big caliber. Magnum. High-velocity. You can't make recoil this Scope can't handle. Plus, it's totally waterproof... nitrogen-purged so you'll never have a drop of moisture on the inside of the lens. Don't worry about the cold, or the heat, or sudden changes in temperature ever again. When it comes to shooting, a simple quarter-click minute of angle windage and elevation adjustment gets the shot right where you need it, no matter the distance. And easy-access side focus keeps your reticle sharp and tight when this Scope is cranked out to an incredible 24 power magnification.

  • Fully multi-coated optics for total clarity
  • Nitrogen-purged fog and waterproof protection
  • Shockproof to withstand recoil
  • FOV @ 100 yds. is 15.7' at 6X, 4.1' at 24X
  • 3" eye relief, exit pupil range is 10-3mm
  • 1" diameter tube is 16"l.
  • Mil Dot BDC reticle
  • Easy-access side focus
  • 16"l., weighs 23.5 ozs.

Focus on nailing yours now!

SPG624X44MD Manual [download]

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customer service

Had defective scope on first purchase. Hi-Lux replaced with no question about it.
Good service.

Nice scope but not sure how durable it is.

I really like the way the scope looks and feels. I like the reticle, clearness of the glass and turrets. However the first time I took it out, the windage adjustment got disconnected. I believe I moved the adjustment to one side all the way and now the turret spins and does not make any adjustments. There is no clicks when you turn the turret and the scope is way off. I had to hold 3-4 feet off to the left to get on paper at 100 yards. I will see if I can have the scope fixed. I do like it and would like to be able to use it.


mounted scope in nightforce rings on my savage 300 win. sighted and zeroed the scope on the first range outing. put rifle in my pelican hard case and went home cleaned rifle and stored it up right in the safe. fast forward to the 5th range trip excited to reach out to distance past 300 yds. scope inner glass had shifted WTF, the scope loose canted, i tried to figure out what had shifted and went wrong. i was pissed and took the broken piece of crap off my rifle and mounted a vortex. you get what you pay for 2$ a round and the recoil from 300 win aren't that big of a deal, missing an opportunity would be worse. and of course the scope went out of warranty while it sat in the safe.


Leatherwood SPG 6-24X44MD Rifle Scope

Great scope

This is a good, high quality scope. And, its relatively cheap.