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Malcolm Long Telescopic Rifle Scope Extended Sunshade

The standard kit for the Malcolm 6X Long Telescopic rifle scope includes a 5" extended sunshade. If the barrel on the rifle you intend to mount the 6X Long Telescopic sight is not 30", you will need to purchase a sunshade if you wish to match the length of the barrel and long scope.

The extended sunshade can be used to match the length of your Malcolm 6X Long Telescopic Rifle Scope to that of your barrel. There are four different sizes of sunshades to match different barrel lengths from 28 to 34 inches. The 6X Malcolm Long Scope comes with a 5" sunshade for use with 30" Barrels. Refer to the following chart for a sunshade length recommendation:

Item SKU Sunshade length Approximate Barrel Length
MS343 3" 28"
MS345 5" 30"
MS347 7" 32"
MS349 9" 34"