Toby Bridges Muzzleloader Rifle scope on Modern Inline Muzzleloader

High Performance Muzzeloading

The introduction of modern powders and high bullet coefficient bullets have increased the maximum effective range and accuracy of modern muzzleloaders.

.50 Cal BDC Reticle

With a high ballistic coefficient 250 grain polymer tipped spire-point bullet, shot at 1,950 to 2,000 f.p.s., this scope can be sighted “on” at 100 yards, and the lower crossbars will point the load “on” at 200…225… and 250 yards.

Each Toby Bridges' Muzzleloader scope will be shipped with a chart that provides points of impact for other popular loads and bullets.

The TD3 is an open red dot designed for fast acquisition and a large window size (28x19mm!), while mounting with as low a profile as possible. Commonly, this red dot will be mounted on a pistol slide that is cut to fit an RMR-profile optic. Find out more about the TD3 here!
You might imagine that finding a range in the city is hard enough. That’s certainly true. Even out past the edge of the city, most ranges taper off around 600 or 650 yards. Chris had been getting too comfortable with those distances, so we needed to find a stretch of land to give him a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, Southern California has a pretty good patch of desert that calls it home.