Hi-Lux XTC1-4X34 High Power Competition Rifle Scope

Hi-Lux XTC 1-4X34 High Power Rifle Scope


XTC14X34 Objective Lens

34mm Objective Lens

Compared to the standard 24mm objective, the XTC14X34's larger 34mm objective lens increases light transmission through the optical system and makes the eyebox more forgiving.

XTC14X34 parallax adjustment

Adjustable Front Parallax

The XTC14X34 rifle scope's parallax settings can be adjusted from 15 yards to infinity.

XTC14X34 Eyepiece

Fast and Accessible

The XTC14X34 scope comes equipped with a magnification throw lever and 3" sunshade.

Service Rifle Competitors The Hi-Lux XTC 1-4X34 scope is legal
for CMP High Power Competition!

XTC14X34 CMP Across the course

"The Rifle may have an optical sight (reflective sights are considered optical sights) with a maximum power of 4.5X installed on the receiver. Variable scopes with a maximum of 4.5X are permitted." - CMP GAMES RIFLE AND PISTOL COMPETITION RULES, 5th Edition --

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XTC14X34 scope uncapped
  • Proven Durability and Ruggedness

    The XTC14x34 scope is built on top of our CMR optical system platform and shares similar internal adjustable mechanism

  • Precise 1/4 MOA Adjustment

    Each click on the XTC14X34 scope's turret equals 1/4 MOA of adjustment.

    Brilliant Light Transmission

    Every lens in the optical system is fully multi-coated with a light transmission of at least99.5% per lens.

Hi-Lux XTC 1-4X34

Dust the competition with the XTC14X34!

XTC14X34 scope Across the Course uncapped

With the new changes in the CMP and NRA High Power Rifle competition, competitors may now use optics of up to 4.5X magnification. However, most low power rifle scopes have fixed parallax settings at 100 yards or 200 yards.

  • The XTC14X34 scope's adjustable parallax objective makes the eyebox more forgiving, and mitigates parallax error.
  • There are clearly indicated markings for all the stage distances 200 yards, 300 yards, and 600 yards.