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First Focal Plane Scopes

First Focal Plane - Explained

If you use mil scales to calculate bullet drop and wind calls, a first focal plane rifle scope maintains the same the mil scale at 2x as it is on 10x - so the scale is always the same. In reality, the reticle maintains the same perspective with the target size throughout the magnification range. That means the holdover points remain the same throughout the range of magnification. 

First Focal Plane reticle at multiple magnifications

First focal plane riflescopes have the reticle installed towards the front of the erector tube or forward of the magnification lenses. When the magnification is increased, the reticle increases in size along with the image you are viewing. First focal plane reticles do not grow or shrink in size as magnification increases, but it appears they do. The reticle is being magnified to match the magnification of the target. That means the scale stays the same regardless of the magnification used. 

Hi-Lux offers riflescopes with first focal plane reticles that are ideal for long distance hunting and tactical applications as well as close to medium range riflescopes for tactical use and 3-Gun competitions.

Hi-Lux First Focal Plane Rifle Scopes

Hi-Lux Phenom 5-30X 56 FFP

Hi-Lux Phenom 5-30X 56 FFP

Precision long range rifle scope featuring the illuminated CW-3 reticle. Learn More



PentaLux TAC-VF 4-20X 50 FFP

Tactical and competition scope featuring the CW-1 FFP ranging reticle. Learn More

Hi-Lux Close to Medium Range 1-8x 26 FFL

Hi-Lux CMR 1-8X 26 FFP

Close to medium range tactical/3-gun scope with the CW-4 illuminated reticle. Learn More