Malcolm 6X Two Tone Short Rifle Telescope

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William Malcolm is the oldest name in scope manufacturing, originally established in 1855. Malcolm Optics has stepped back in the time to redesign this historic line of telescopic rifle sights, providing today’s shooter a period correct scope with modern optics. 

The Wm. Malcolm 6X Two Tone Short Rifle Telescope features an improved click-less micrometer rear adjustment mount. This mount is designed to provide spot on 1/4 MOA adjustments when the front and rear mounts are spaced 7.250" from center to center.

The scope is also equipped with a sliding lock ring that mitigates the recoil energy going through the optic. Prior to every shot, you will need to pull back on the scope to "reset it to battery."

Whether you're shooting BPCR or slinging lead at the range, the Malcolm 6X Two Tone short rifle telescope will have you ringing steel over and over.

Malcolm 6X Two Tone Rifle Telescope Manual [download]


Magnification: 6X

Objective Lens Diameter: 17mm

Eye Relief: 4"

Field of View: 12 ft @ 100 yards

Tube Size: 3/4"

Length: 18"

Weight: 18 oz

Malcolm 6X Two Tone Rifle Telescope

The Malcolm 6X Two Tone 6X Rifle Telescope has a polished brass eyepiece and objective housing cap garner attention every time it's at the range.

This scope model features a newly designed clickless micrometer adjustment rear mount.

Malcolm 6X Two tone Finish Winchester 1885

Fine Cross Reticle

Like the original Winchester A5 scope, the Malcolm short rifle telescopes come with fine crosswire reticles.

Fine Crosswire Reticle

Customer Reviews

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Richard Harris
Looks AMAZING on my brass Henry 30-30

I purchased this for my Henry 30-30 and absolutely love it. It was a bit of a challenge getting it mounted properly and in the end had to take it to a gunsmith to have the barrel drilled and tapped. Yes, it’s a bit more effort, money, and time to have this mounted properly, but I believe based off of both its performance and appearance on this rifle that it was well worth everything it took it make this happen.

I’ll also add that the customer service I received was some of the best I’ve truly ever received with any company. The information and follow ups were second to none.

I highly recommend this scope for the right rifle and this company all day long!

Donald Natale

Mounted the Malcolm 6X Two Tone Short Rifle Telescope on my Henry Golden Boy 22 LR Rifle. It looks like a million and more importantly works just fine. Thank you for such a fine product.

Daniel Wahl
Disappointing machine work.

While the optics seem very good, the sight mounts are less than precise.
the Front sight mount, which accounts for the rifle motion and 'return to battery', is poorly fitted to the scope body. I have not yet fired the rifle, a Winchester 52C, so I do not know how stable the mounts will be. But I am concerned.

Hi Daniel,

Because the scope tube of the Malcolm 6X scope doesn't have a pope rib, the front mount sits on the tail of the sliding lock ring. The position of the front mount can be changed by loosening the set screw on the sliding lock ring.

We've done extensive testing in the field with hundreds of 405gr and 500gr cast lead .45-70 and did not experience any point of impact shift when returning the optic to battery. 22LR should be no problem.

During QA/QC, each scope mount is put on the collimator to ensure that they track 1/4 MOA per indicator line on the rear mount when the front and rear bases are spaced 7.250'.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at (310)257-8142.


Richard Dugger Sr.
Outstanding quality and price

First off it’s everything they say it is, appearance it looks antique with brass ends, clear glass. This is my third scope from them. My only issue have and it’s my fault as I should’ve bought the longer one. This scope is going to be mounted on a Shiloh sharps 45-70 “Quigley” (which cost 5k). I will have it mounted by a professionally mounted and that’s if I don’t trade it in for the longer scope. I’ll send photos when completed. Excellent price, quality and fast shipping. what more can you ask for. This is my pass down to my Son as a heirloom to pass down his Son. Yea it’s that good.

John Burres
Malcomb Scope

Haven't got it on a rifle yet, but it looks great in the box.